Aqara Updates HomeKit Hub to V1.6.6

Aqara has today issued a firmware update to its popular HomeKit hub, that allows for their inexpensive sensors and switches to be exposed to HomeKit. The hub update is currently only available via the Aqara app, so it hasn’t been released for Mi Home users yet. However, the update, which finally unifies firmware versions for all regional models, seems to be available for the US, EU and Chinese models, taking the hub from 1.6.2 (for the Chinese hub) or 1.5.9 (for the EU and US hubs) to 1.6.6.

One of our colleagues who has been testing the beta version of this update previously informed us that 1.6.6 allowed for the Aqara B1 Curtain motor to be finally exposed to HomeKit, which many users have been waiting for. The good news is we’ve been told that both the B1, in addition to the Aqara Roller Shade Controller, are now both officially HomeKit certified, and should therefore now be exposed to HomeKit following the update to the Aqara hub.

The update itself seems to be mostly about bug fixes, at least according to the very brief notification that came with the update. So far, we’ve not heard any major problems that plagued a couple of previous updates, although some users on the Aqara subReddit (r/Aqara) are reporting that they can currently only select one device/sensor to trigger their alarm automations, whereas previously they were able to choose multiple sensors.

Finally, if you’re a strictly Mi Home user, we advise that you wait for the official release via Mi Home, but if you really want the update, then open the Aqara app,  click on the Profile tab > Settings > Change Region > Other Region, then without signing in, select the HomeKit mode button, which allows your hubs in Mi Home to be exposed to the Aqara app. From there, you can go into the settings for your hub and update via the Firmware Version option.

*if anyone out there has a B1 Curtain motor and has also updated to 1.6.6, drop us a message to let us know if the B1 is now exposed.

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19 thoughts on “Aqara Updates HomeKit Hub to V1.6.6

  • I confirm that Aqara b1 motor and roller motor are now passed to Homekit after 1.66 Aqara hub firmware update.

    • Hi Alexey, thanks for the confirmation! Great news.

      • I can also confirm, Aqara B1 is now exposed to Homekit!

  • I’m very much looking forward to this update. (I already have the B1 motor, and have been unable to use it for lack of integration with the hub.)

    However, this 1.6.6 update doesn’t seem to be available to me just yet.

    I have an Aqara account associated with the US region.
    My hub is one of the white Aqara hubs (model: ZHWG11LM; displays in the app as model: AG005). The current firmware of the hub is displayed as 1.6.1_008.0201.
    I’ve tried a number of different steps to trigger an update, and each time it says the firmware is up to date [in one context, the wording is a little weird, but the same as usual when there’s no update: “Firmware is update”].

    My Aqara app is version 1.5.6. And that’s the latest available from Apple for either iPad or iOS. (I also checked the Google Play store on Android, but didn’t seem to have any official Aqara app).

    Any idea if this just hasn’t propagated quite everywhere? I’ve being trying the update since shortly after your post, so it’s had several hours. LOL, not trying to rush it, I’m just wondering if I need a different hub or something like that?

    • Hi Mike, I’ve checked to see if you have the latest version of the app and you have. Are you signed into the app? If you haven’t already, maybe try the method I mention at the end of the article, where you sign out and choose other region to see if the update appears.

      • I have always been signed in to the app on all previous attempts, and I have tried switching between regions. However, I had not tried the “HomeKit only” mode (while not signed in)… I misread that as only for Mi app users (and I have also used the Mi app at various times, but with recent Aqara app upgrades, I’ve recently switched to using the Aqara app exclusively).
        I will try the “HomeKit only” switch and see if that triggers new firmware.

        • The suggestion was for people who do only use the Mi Home app, but there’s no reason why you can’t try it too. Let me know if that works.

          • Absolutely! Logging out, and then using the “HomeKit only” option is what worked for me! I then upgraded the firmware, and also had to add the new B1 curtain motor while also in “HomeKit only” mode. Then I could switch back to my regular account, and it retained all the new functionality and devices.

            I did encounter a bunch of grief trying to get the B1 curtain motor to stay “connected” for long enough to complete the “position configuration”… ultimately, I figured out that the battery has a *RIDICULOUSLY* finicky connection to the motor. It will twist just a hair further than “straight on”, and even though it feels nice and solid there, that’s actually NOT where it makes contact. And just a hair the other direction: same thing.

            It’s possible my battery contacts need to be polished up a bit, or something like that. But if anybody else encounters issues with getting it to “power on” (or stay “powered on”… consider that you might be tweaking the battery just barely as you push the button to turn the motor on/off/reset). Once positioned perfectly (the motor and battery perfectly aligned [ignore that the battery will twist a hair further]), the battery/motor connection seems stable once it is in position (when you don’t need to touch it for setup).
            Again, I’d assume this wouldn’t be a wide-spread issue: but it was really a struggle when I thought I was having connectivity issues, that were actually the device powering off from lack of battery contact.

            I can also confirm that the B1 motor is effectively silent, however, when connected to the “old” track, it is noticeably louder track noise than when the exact same setup is powered by the previous generation wired motor. Both motors are whisper-silent *by themselves*, but the B1 motor somehow makes a “lot more noise” when attached to the older track (in the US, we don’t have a reliable importers providing the new tracks yet, at least, not that I’ve seen).
            Also: for sake of comparison even this “lot more noise” is still quieter [or roughly the same as] the noise made by even the “elite” products of US companies (who charge vastly more money), so this is totally fine as a temporary situation for me.

            Pardon the verbose commentary. I am really sensitive to noise, and figured someone else might benefit from my experiences on this. 😀

          • Hi Mike, I’m glad you were able to get updated. I’ve only updated one of four hubs right now – the US one, as that doesn’t have any child devices connected to it yet. I’ll be waiting until they hopefully the update via The mi home app before updating my other Chinese hubs.

            No problem regarding the details for the B1 info. Did you post your problems about this before on the aqara Reddit? I recall set someone else having issues with the B1 connection, so if that wasn’t you, I’ll post your findings later.

          • Sure, feel free to repost on reddit. I’ve used their info at times, but I haven’t posted there before.
            Thanks for the good work you do on HomeKit, I’m glad to “give back” some info for once! 😀

            Yes, after I realized that a minuscule twist was making the difference between blue light vs. dead, I think I do recall someone else having this problem. So I can independently confirm that this is absolutely a real problem, and the previous person did not exaggerate how tiny of a difference there is between getting a successful connection vs. “no response, and no blue light” (at least in some units).
            Hopefully, they will fix this for future units (if not already).

            In all other ways (than track noise and battery issue), the B1 is an absolutely gorgeous piece of workmanship. And, so far, it seems to have excellent connectivity to HomeKit (can even see the % progress of the curtain as it moves, as well as battery status, and even alerts if it is obstructed).

  • Could someone please list the part number of the newer (more silent) tracks? Preferably AliExpress, but any other vendor with shipping to Europe is fine as well. Cheers!

    • Electric Curtain Track for Xiaomi aqara B1 motor Customizable Super Quite for xiao mi smart home

      Just drop a message to the seller with the required length and to which country you want to ship in, he’ll give you a better price that the one you can see in the offer. Shipping is quick and safe (item well packed and secured).

  • when will you add xiaomi sherlock s2 device for apple home kit ?

    • Hi,
      I’m afraid you’re asking the wrong people, we are an independent website for HomeKit enthusiasts, not Aqara or Xiaomi.

  • Hi, Simon
    I’m facing almost the same problem with Mike.
    I want to connecting to my new B1 motor, but my Aqara hub firmware is only 1.2.26. I also checked Aqara home app is newest version(1.6.0). I checked firmware update but show “firmware is update” I’m not login aqara app, and already use HomeKit mode with Other Region. But still can not update firmware to 1.6.6😥😥

    • Which hub do you have – the Chinese, EU or US version?

      • I think is Chinese version, I bought it at Taobao mall few months ago. Model No is ZHWG11LM. Thanks for reply me🙂

        • if your hub is on 1.2.26, you have to first try and update in the Aqara app. 1.2.26 is the first firmware and is very old. I would suggest creating a new account with the Aqara app, make sure you set the region to China and try updating.

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