New Video and Doorbell Cameras Coming From Onvis

Onvis, the Shanghai-based company behind the very popular SMS1 combined motion/humidity/temperature sensor is currently at the 2019 Hong Kong Electronics Fair, and are preparing to show off a whole host of new products.

As can be seen in the image above, the back wall of the Onvis booth shows an EU smart plug, what appears to be a HomeKit camera which we’re informed will also utilise HomeKit Secure Video), the recently discovered combined contact sensor and alarm, the aforementioned SMS1a new Light Strip, and what we think is a HomeKit Video Doorbell. although there’s no way to make out the text accompanying each product, in the case of the video doorbell, you can make out a ‘bell’ icon sitting inside a button, with a camera above.

One can also make out in the image, what appears to be US and UK plugs on their display table, although as they’re not listed on the back wall, these could well be from another company and just used for demonstration purposes. There’s also another camera on this table, although once again, this could just be from another company and used for demonstrations.

What is missing from the lineup presented at the booth is their HomeKit enabled dehumidifier, which we discovered earlier in the year on their website. As the only device that’s currently available from the company is the SMS1, which uses Bluetooth 5.0, we’re unsure which other devices will use this protocol – except for the contact sensor/alarm, which we do know will use Bluetooth. The only other devices that could use Bluetooth are the smart plug, and the light strip, with both device types existing in Bluetooth form via other companies, namely Eve for their smart plugs, and Sylvania, with their Light Strip+.

The camera doorbell and video camera – if they are indeed going to be HomeKit compatible – will undoubtedly be using wi-fi for connectivity, although as the company are also displaying a Z-Wave Plus logo on their booth, it’s entirely possible these won’t be HomeKit at all, and even if they do use Wifi, they could be exclusive to the world of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. As soon as we know more, we’ll update this article.

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