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Eve Extend – Bluetooth Range Extender

Eve Home is the original Homekit device manufacturers and they have been delivering Homekit accessories to improve our smart homes for years. When used properly, these devices work great and their app is one of the best free apps available, arguably it’s the app Apple should have given us in the first place. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the limitation of Bluetooth ( mostly range ) or that objects between you and the device ( like brick walls ) can negatively affect that range. This has resulted in many people having negative experiences over time with Eve devices and getting the dreaded “Device Unreachable” or “Device Unresponsive” messages.

Luckily Eve is in this for the long term and has realized that this is a problem and decided to do something about this.

What is the Eve Extend?
The short version is that the Eve Extend is a Bluetooth Range extender. It speaks BLE to your Eve Home BLE accessories and it speaks wifi to the rest of your network.

How do I use it?
Essentially, you figure out ( you can use your phone or the HomeScan app for this ) where the point is that you have a good BLE connection to your Eve Accessories as well as a good connection to your wifi network. Then you add the Extend to Homekit, assign the Eve BLE Devices to the Extend and nothing else changes.

Can I use this with other BLE devices?
Nope. The Eve Extend ONLY supports the Eve Home BLE devices. You CANNOT use this with Fibaro, Onvis, Koogeek or anyone else who makes homekit certified BLE devices.

Are All the Eve Home BLE devices supported?
Nope. You can find more information here (https://www.evehome.com/en/extend-com…) but the short version is that the original Eve Thermo and the original Eve Room are both not supported.

Do I only need one Eve Extend?
This is an “it depends” questions. If all the Eve Home BLE devices you’re trying to improve are within the range of where you want to place your Eve Extend AND you have less than 8 devices. Then “yes”. If you have Eve Home devices on two different sides of the house and both are having issues OR you have more than 8 devices you need to improve, you’ll probably need to pick up a couple of Eve Extend devices.

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If you’re looking for the Eve Extend to help improve your experience with your Eve Home BLE devices, you can use this link – Eve Extend https://amzn.to/2or3wtt

First, Thanks to Eve Home for sending me this review unit. It’s important to me that you guys know where this comes from so that you can judge whether or not it’s influenced my opinion. I’d like to think no, but I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Eve Home Product Page: https://www.evehome.com/en/eve-extend

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