Aqara EU Smart Plug Now Listed on Russian Site

The long-anticipated European version of the Aqara Smart Plug (model No. SP-EUC01) seems to be inching closer to a release, as the product in question has now been added to Aqara’s Russian website, with the listing stating “coming soon”.

The smart plug, which has a round form factor, it works with the 220-240v range (obviously), and as with nearly all Aqara products, relies on ZigBee for its mode of communication, which in turn means to use the plug, you’ll need the Aqara hub. Unlike previous Zigbee devices in the Aqara range, this plug uses the newer ZigBee 3.0 protocol, which we understand will allow for the Zigbee signal to travel further. Aqara have also confirmed that the plug itself acts as a signal repeater.

In terms of the basic specs, the plug comes with overload and overheating protection, and has what is described as a ‘child protection system’, which will probably mean that within the Aqara app, you’ll be able to lock the power button so that it can’t be accidentally turned on or off without using the app. the plug is a mere 62mm wide/high, and 77.5mm deep. It can handle up to 2300W with a maximum current of 10A.

the smart plug comes with a simple power switch at the top and includes a small LED at the front outer edge. As the device will be passing through the Aqara hub, we can assume that it will then be automatically exposed to HomeKit, but we can’t confirm this at present.

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3 thoughts on “Aqara EU Smart Plug Now Listed on Russian Site

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  • Looks great, but ZigBee 3.0 means that we need the Aqara HUB 2, right? And it seems that the HUB 2 is not released yet. I can’t find it to buy it.

    • The EU plug should still work with the current Aqara hub. As far as I’m aware, Zigbee 3.0 devices should still work with the current hub, you just won’t be able to take advantage of the larger range that these devices are capable of. The M2 (the new hub) isn’t out yet, and it’s unlikely to appear this year now, as they aren’t even beta testing it at present.

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