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Abode Occupancy Sensor

With the ability to sense motion, light, temperature, and humidity; this compact device is extremely useful for both security and smart home purposes.

Motion Detection
This sensor can pick up on motion just as effectively as our motion sensor and with a much smaller profile. You can use this motion detection to trigger your alarm or for smart home purposes like turning on lights when you enter a room and off when you leave it.

Temperature & Humidity Reading
Using abode’s customizable notifications, you can set alerts to notify you when a room gets above or below certain temperatures to keep it at an optimal level. If you have a connected thermostat, you can set an automation for the A/C to turn on when the temperature rises above a certain point or the heat to turn on if it gets too cold.

Light Detection
Never walk into a dark room again. Set an automation for your connected lights to turn on when the light in a room dips below a certain level of lumens. Great for keeping your home well-lit at night or while you aren’t home to give the illusion that someone is home.

    • Operating Temp: 14°F to 113°F
    • Protocol: abodeRF/433Mhz
    • Battery Life: 4 Years
    • Sensitivity: 5 Adjustable Levels

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4 thoughts on “Abode Occupancy Sensor

  • How is this an occupancy sensor? It sounds more like a motion sensor like Philips Hue, as opposed to a true occupancy sensor like the Mijia sensors you profiled immedialtey after this article…

    • This is the name the company has given it, not me.

  • So is this homekit compatible?

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