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Ecobee Door and Window SmartSensor

Monitoring for doors, windows, drawers, and cabinets. Sends alerts when you’re out and lets you check in with the mobile app to stay connected. Customize alerts for monitoring where and when you want it, like your front entryway after school.

Reassurance at home and away
With ecobee Haven, SmartSensor sends alerts and notifications when doors and windows are opened or closed and its motion and occupancy sensor alerts you to in-home activity detected when you’re away. While you’re home, the contact sensor continues to monitor your entranceways, but the motion and occupancy sensor turns off to avoid sending unnecessary notifications.

Notifications that paint a picture
With ecobee Haven and SmartCamera, notifications or alerts are grouped using video and occupancy information, so you’ll always have context.


Sensor Base

  • Height: 60 mm (2.36 in.)
  • Width: 29 mm (1.14 in.)
  • Depth: 21 mm (0.8 in.)


  • Height: 33 mm (1.3 in.)
  • Width: 16 mm (0.63 in.)
  • Depth: 12 mm (0.47 in.)

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