ConnectSense Smart in-Wall Outlet Now Available

US-based ConnectSense has released their long-awaited in-wall outlets today, which takes the idea of a smart plug and puts that technology into the wall socket itself. Particularly useful if you find the sight of a smart plug protruding from the wall less than ideal.

The wifi-enabled outlets come in two versions – a 15A dual outlet and a 20A dual outlet. Both outlets have what the company describe as ‘Ultra-precise energy monitoring’ that is within 0.1% accuracy. Each socket also comes with separate capacitive touch buttons to turn the individual sockets on or off and have plug detection technology for safety. These devices also are one of the few devices to use NFC technology to add your device to HomeKit, which removes the need to scan the provided HomeKit code.

As with the updated version of the ConnectSense Smart Outlet 2, these are also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The 15A version is priced at US$79.95, with the 20A version coming in at US$99.95

For more information, visit the ConnectSense site –

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