LifeSmart Announce HomeKit compatibility For Updated Cololight

With the official launch of the popular Aqara lineup of products on Amazon today, it’s probably not the best time to announce your own news, but that hasn’t deterred LifeSmart, who today posted an update to their Twitter feed, declaring that their Cololight modular lighting product is now officially HomeKit compatible. We reported on this back in July during the IFA trade show in Berlin, and were told unofficially that the company would release an updated version of the Cololight that would be specifically HomeKit compatible. The Cololight actually came out towards the end of last year, with the Quantum Light monicker, although that soon changed over to its current name.

The Cololight is essentially a lot like the modular light offerings from LiFX and Nanoleaf, but on a much smaller scale, with each hexagonal tile measuring a mere 9omm across at its widest. A typical starter pack contains a single ‘main tile’, along with two additional ‘child tiles’, a USB cable for power, and a stand. The Cololight connects to your wifi network, so it doesn’t require the LifeSmart Smart Station, unlike some of their devices, like the motion sensors and bulbs. There’s a dedicated app for the device, although exactly the same controls are also available within LifeSmart’s main app anyway.

This original model, which still seems to be the only version available, is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, but of course not HomeKit compatible. However, if you’re like us and have the original device along with a few child tiles, then the good news is, once the new version of the Cololight becomes available, you only have to replace the main tile, which is the part that is HomeKit compatible. All child tiles will work with the new main tile as before. The biggest noticeable physical difference between the old model and the newer version is really only the stand.

As with other products like the Cololight, there are a multitude of colour options and special colour effects available, but many of them are usually confined to the dedicated app, with HomeKit control boiling down to solid colours, along with brightness and of course on and off. It’s more than likely this will be the case with the HomeKit version of Cololight when it does get released, but we’re excited to see a ‘mini’ alternative to it’s larger relatives from LiFX and Nanoleaf.

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