Avia Announce Jan 2020 Release For Avia Secure Smart Lock

Mighton, the UK-based company behind the much talked about Avia Secure Smart Lock have finally announced a release date for their HomeKit compatible smart lock. Slated for availability in January 2020, this is probably one of the more anticipated smart home accessories for HomeKit fans in the UK, which traditionally seems to get a little left behind in terms of some of the basics.

The Avia Secure Smart Lock seems to be able to live up to its name, with a whole raft of security features, many of which are nowhere to be seen with most of the current smart locks on the market.

  • Works with Bluetooth 5.0, strong connection stability and maximum Bluetooth range
  • In the unlikely event of any outage, you can still use your existing manual key
  • Has an IP rating of IP54
  • Provides a complete audit trail of lock activity
  • designed and tested to PAS 24:2016
  • Heavy-Duty Zinc castings
  • Protected against ‘man in the middle’ attacks
  • Secure Apple HomeKit encryption
  • Password strength protocol
  • Lock status alerts

In fact, the company recently announced that the lock has become the first-ever smart lock to have its mechanical security approved by Sold Secure, the UK’s Premier test & certification company. To further prove its credentials as one of the most secure locks on the market, Mighton was presented with the BSI (British Standards Institute) Internet Security Certificate – a world first!

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