Ikea Fyrtur Blinds – First Look/Teardown

Even before the release of the new Fyrtur Smart Blinds by Ikea (albeit limited to a only a handful of countries so far), this product has caused a lot of excitment, firstly due to HomeKit support, which it is still not ready as of this post, but also due to the relatively low price point this offers, which is par for the course with many Ikea products. The DIY Techie channel on YouTube has now published a short video for this product, including an unboxing and teardown of these Smart Blinds, which you can check out below;

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4 thoughts on “Ikea Fyrtur Blinds – First Look/Teardown

  • I have just bought FYRTUR in Austria and they are not yet compatible with Apple HomeKit. Don’t know why. Works with the IKEA Home Smart App tho.

    • Yes, I had heard they aren’t yet compatible. Hopefully an update to the bridge, the blinds or both will bring HomeKit functionality soon.

  • Same here. Quite dissappointed that they isnt visible in HK.

  • The blinds though works flawless with IKEA app and controller! Waiting now for kadrilj to the rest of my rooms.
    They though looks almost as you can look through them? 🤔

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