OmniaBlinds to Ship Thread-Compatible Blinds in September (U)

Sweden-based OmniaBlinds have today announced plans to release their first set of Thread compatible Roller blinds in September of this year. The company, in collaboration with Coulisse and Eve, will be offering custom made blinds – material and motor – with a choice of 170(!) different fabric options.

the company state that the price will be dependent on the size of the window being covered, with a minimum price of approximately US$300 being touted, but with free worldwide shipping. The blinds will be offered in custom sizes ranging from a minimum width of 62cm / 24.41in, up to a maximum of 260cm / 102.36in, and a maximum drop of 285cm / 112.1in.

UPDATE: OmniBlinds have informed us the product uses a USB-C power connection for recharging, not Micro-USB as previously stated.

The blinds’ motor is battery powered is charged via a micro-USB-C port (hooray!) and cable and will take six hours for a full charge. The fully charged battery will last one year on average, with an estimated battery life of 300 charges before needing a replacement.

has been pushed as the connection protocol for this product, it should be noted that currently, whilst the company’s website states that Bluetooth is used, Thread-based devices do in fact use Bluetooth chips capable of Thread as a backup protocol if Thread is unavailable for whatever reason, so this is nothing out of the ordinary, and given the promotional videos and images all feature the Thread and HomeKit logos, these will likely be the first Thread blinds to hit the market.

The company are currently offering a 15% discount off their order when you sign up and place an order via the company website.

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