In-Floor Heating Thermostat by Mysa Now Available to Order

Canadian smart home company Mysa, have released their newest product, the Mysa Smart In-Floor Heating Thermostat, or just Mysa for In-floor, for short. Originally, slated for a November 2019 release, this is only the second product by the company, following on from the very popular Mysa for Baseboard thermostat, designed for baseboard heaters, but is a welcome inclusion, given how few companies make smart thermostats specifically for baseboards or in-floor heating systems.

The new addition to the lineup works with the ‘big three’ – Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, as well as SmartThings and IFTTT, so pretty much all choices are covered. As with many HomeKit enabled devices, the In-Floor thermostat offers functionality for scheduling, geolocation, zone control, energy reports, shared access, and even a Vacation mode.

As with the baseboard thermostat, the new product connects using Wifi 2.4GHz, has a maximum power of 3800W at 120 ~ 240V AC, with 16 amps max. Handily, it also includes a small variety of sensors besides temperature, including humidity, ambient light and proximity sensors, which can be seen on the front panel, indicated by two small dots.

As with the sister product, the LED display is touch capacitive, although the new model comes with two buttons on the side of the device, which are for GFCI testing and resetting of the device. The In-Floor model is smaller than the Baseboard model, coming in at 130 x 90 x 19mm, with the Mysa baseboard slightly larger all round, at 143 x 97 x 28mm. The only other difference is that the new device has the Mysa logo at the bottom.

Current pricing for the new in-floor model is US$219.00 per unit or $238.94 with included expert installation (via You can check out our review of the Mysa for Baseboard HERE.

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