Aqara Unveil N200 Smart Lock and New Rocker Switches

Aqara today officially unveiled their latest smart lock, the Aqara N200, alongside updated versions of their popular wired Aqara rocker switches. Both the switch and the rocker switches have won prizes at the annual IF Design Awards, which is partially the reason for the unveiling of the two products.

The New N200 smart lock has actually been listed in the Mi Home app for a few months now, although of course it simply hasn’t been available, which is sometimes the case with devices that work with the Xioami smart home ecosystem.

The N200 follows on from the not long released N100, which is HomeKit compatible. The N200 is also reportedly compatible with HomeKit although we’ve yet to confirm that for certain, and even though the design of the lock is more square than the N100, the two products are fairly similar in some basic specs.

The N200 will reportedly come with a new two-factor authentication feature, although we’re not privy to what exactly that entails at present. The lock will also feature new hardware that can detect more types of tampering, including more kinds of lock picking and lock breaking attempts. Finally, the N200 will have a new, extra-durable sapphire fingerprint plate.

The Aqara H1 Rocker switch, available in single, double and triple switch versions, will supposedly support HomeKit via the Aqara gateway, using Zigbee, and will be available in wired and wireless versions, although it’s reported that the triple rocker switch will only be available in the wired format. There’s not a lot we can report regarding these switches at present, but aside from probable HomeKit compatibility, they’ll almost certainly be Zigbee 3.0 compatible.

Thanks to Eric for the tip-off.

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9 thoughts on “Aqara Unveil N200 Smart Lock and New Rocker Switches

  • Good to see they release 3 button version. Although it seems unlikely to apply for US version as well. Still hope they bring out the choice in the end.

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  • I’m liking the new design of this smart lock. Previous ones from Aqara looks too plasticky. I hope it has zigbee but I dun think it will come true.
    Btw I dun think the switches are zigbee 3.0 since they can be added to mihub old gen. There are available for sale here but strangely i can’t find any info of it

  • oops …sorry I thought that was D1. I didnt realized its something new called H1 😳

    • That’s ok, I did wonder how the H1 could be available when I was sure they weren’t. You say the D1 switches are available though – where?

  • finally, they added a way to know if the switch is turned on by adding an led on each switch. <3

  • Is it with or without neutral version or both?

    • I suspect they will offer both, but there’s very little info at present.

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