Meross Launch Underfloor Heating Thermostat

As first reported by Yannic over at, Chinese smart home device manufacturer Meross have released their first-ever smart thermostat for Electrical underfloor heating systems. The new device, which looks and operates much the same as any standard wired thermostat, is designed for wall mounting and utilises a glass panel with a touch-sensitive, backlit LED interface, to control all aspects of your heating system.

The Thermostat has, as standard, a sensor to measure the temperature and humidity in the room, but the company also offer a secondary optional sensor to provide overheating protection. This secondary sensor can be installed ‘in-wall’ so as to hide any unsightly cables. As well as offering the standard controls within HomeKit, the Meross app offers additional functionality, including ‘open window’ detection, that is designed to detect a potential sudden change in temperature when a window (or exterior opening) door is opened, and turn off or otherwise control the thermostat accordingly. This is something also offered by the likes of Tado for example, but it’s still a nice extra, nonetheless.

Like nearly all of Meross’ products, the Thermostat use WiFi for communication, which means no hub is required. The unit is ostensibly designed for European homes, and isn’t deemed suitable for US properties, mostly due to what the company state is the difference in the housing sizes between the US and Europe… but US consumers already have an excellent option in the Mysa Underfloor Heating Thermostat, which is also compatible with HomeKit.

It would appear that the Meross offering is currently sold out/unavailable, but sells for a very competitive price of just $59.99 (regular price $79.99).

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3 thoughts on “Meross Launch Underfloor Heating Thermostat

  • Your description is slightly wrong in describing the thermostat as I was looking to buy this and contacted the supplier.

    The secondary sensor for floor is ONLY used for overheat protection and nothing else. This means you cannot use it to set the temperature of the thermostat. The control to turn on/off the underfloor heating is ONLY via the air sensor.

    This to me is a major limitation of this thermostat.

    • Hi James, thanks for letting me know, I’ll correct it now. Sorry for the confusion.

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