Eve Water Guard With Thread Shows up in FCC Filing

After nearly two years since German smart device manufacturer Eve introduced us to their Eve Water Guard device, the company are seemingly preparing for an update to this product, that will come with Thread, with the current version using Bluetooth for connectivity. This was discovered by an FCC filing, showing Thread support for their newest iteration, with Thread being referred to in the test report created. If you’re not familiar with the Eve Water Guard, as the name implies, this is a device that detects water leaks. However, unlike the simple but effective leak sensor from Aqara, the Water guard employs a built-in siren as well as make use of a special cord that can run underneath kitchen cabinets to spread its area of detection, with the sensor detecting a leak once it hit s the surface of the cord.

Eve Water Guard (review)

You can read our in-depth review on the current model above.

Of course this update should come as zero surprise to anyone following the progress of Eve, with the company being pretty much at the forefront of presenting Thread devices, that currently includes Eve Energy Smart plugs, Eve Thermo radiator valve, their Eve door and window sensor, the Eve Aqua, and most recently their Eve Weather outdoor sensor.

With the discovery of the latest device to get the Thread upgrade, Eve is close to making all of their original Bluetooth devices Thread enabled, which is no bad thing. If you don’t know about Thread, you can read about Eve’s intentions HERE.

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Thanks to Bing Feng Yeh for the tip off

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