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How To Get The Wireless Circle 2 To Work in HomeKit

In this video, I demonstrate a simple hack to enable HomeKit compatibility in the WIRELESS version of the Logitech Circle 2 Security Camera. This will not only enable HomeKit but also give access to HomeKit Secure Video since the wireless camera will believe it is a wired version. With the wired version scarce will the Circle 2 wireless be an adequate solution until Logitech releases a possible Circle 3?

Previous Circle 2 Review:

Circle 2 HomeKit Secure Video:

Logitech Circle 2 (wireless):

Logitech Circle 2 — REFURBISHED (wired, supports HomeKit Secure Video):

4 thoughts on “How To Get The Wireless Circle 2 To Work in HomeKit

  • Hey great hack! Thanks for posting this, as I’m currently researching a cam to buy.

    I’m also curious if mounting the Wireless Circle 2 on a window mount makes it HK/HSV compatible, since the window mount essentially makes it wired?


    • I have 2 of the wired versions set up with HomeKit Secure Video and it’s worked great. I have both set up with the window mount.

    • Yes it does, as I converted a wireless over to window mount. It then will set up just like a normal wired one.

  • … also, while he got this to work through this hack, I wouldn’t use this because of the short battery life. I would still strongly recommend using a wired version.

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