Eufy Video Doorbell Reported to Get Homekit Functionality End of June

Exciting news has just been reported regarding another Eufy product that is due get HomeKit functionality in the near future – the new Eufy Video Doorbell, which has only just been released, will reportedly be getting an update towards the end of June.

This, of course, means that it will be only the second video doorbell on the market to be compatible with HomeKit, joining the ranks of the Robin Proline series – unless Netatmo ends up releasing their own long-awaited offering before then.

This news comes to us from German website, via, who have been informed that this forthcoming update comes from Eufy representatives themselves, although we’ve yet to verify the claim.

In terms of the product itself, the Eufy Video Doorbell is equipped with an integrated rechargeable battery, which will provide wireless functionality for up to six months, although the doorbell can also be connected to existing wiring for a permanent powered solution, although the wired version hasn’t been confirmed to get HomeKit functionality at this time, only the battery-operated one that requires the base station (see image above).

In terms of specs, the video boasts some pretty good ones;

  • CRYSTAL CLEAR DISPLAY: The integrated Sony 2K sensor in combination with advanced distortion correction ensure that recordings from visitors are extra sharp.
  • NO FEES: eufy security products protect your home and your wallet – without any hidden costs or fees. Your data is stored locally on the device and only managed by you.
  • DOUBLE ENERGY: Thanks to the battery performance of 6 months after just one charge and the possibility of charging with a charging cable, your home is completely protected.
  • ADVANCED VIEW: The expanded 4: 3 aspect ratio gives you a clear head-to-toe view of all visitors. Whether postman or parent – you feel absolutely safe at all times.
  • PERSONAL DETECTION: eufy security technology detects birds, dogs and leaves in the wind, provides you with punctual notifications as soon as someone is at your front door and effectively reduces false alarms so that you are really only alerted at the right moment.

The video doorbell is available to order now on and other retailers for €199.99

As always, we don’t recommend buying on ‘promised’ future HomeKit updates, although given Eufy’s track record for HomeKit enabled products so far, this update wouldn’t seem like a stretch of the imagination.

Thanks to Yannic for the heads-up

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12 thoughts on “Eufy Video Doorbell Reported to Get Homekit Functionality End of June

  • I just can’t bring myself to trusting my video to a Chinese company. I just can’t. Arlo, please save us!!!!

    • Well, if it does become HomeKit compatible, you should be able to not give it internet access and only have it talk to your hub.

      I think the sad news here is that the wired version is not gonna get HomeKit according to this.

      • Good catch… I was about to get ready for the wire version… I will hold it until they make it clear…

    • I understand your concern, but I see there are more security issue from Ring’s product.

      Homekit router is the future, and I don’t know why the rest of the router industry can’t come up this idea…

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  • I would love to see this happening and make the doorbell a bit smarter and integrated into my home automation system. I also hope it will be a total integration into Homekit, so the doorbell can be used in scenes, shortcuts etc. For example, if the scene “vacation” is set, the doorbell detects all movements all day long. Or if the scene “diner” is set, the doorbell does not send messages for movements. And the other way around like “if the last person left the house” then “turn off all devices / lights” etc and put the doorbell in to the option “absent”.

    • Let’s hope it comes to pass. It could be of great benefit, especially if it will be able to do what you suggest.

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  • Is Homekit confirmed to be coming to this device? I understand there is no date, but has the company said it will be getting support? Or is it only speculated that support will come?

    • There’s no firm answer yet – some people have had a ‘yes’ from Eufy’s customer services, but with no date, and others have had a ‘we can’t confirm at this time’ type of answer.

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