Eufy Security App Update Adds Support for 2 Pro and 2C Pro [U]

First spotted and reported by Reddit user u/daynuh0223 on the HomeKit subReddit, the Eufy Security app has received an update to now include support for the company’s next two new cameras – namely the 2C Pro and the 2 Pro. Prior to the update, the app already had mention of one of these cameras, but there this latest update now confirms app support for these devices, suggesting they might not be too far from a potential release date.

This comes after a previous tidbit of info found in a recent firmware update to the Eufy Base Station 2 (v2.0.9.8h), which also mentioned support for the 2C Pro and 2 Pro. However, the app itself only shows an image that relates to the 2 Pro, which looks fairly identical to the current Eufycam 2 and doesn’t provide much in the way of information on the Pro version of the company’s current camera. the 2C Pro isn’t listed in the app at present.

Update: According to Eufy, the updated cameras will indeed be 2K.

The current consensus seems to be that the ‘Pro’ versions of these cameras will be able to record in 2K, with the current Eufycam 2/2C only recording in 1080p. This would bring the ‘Pro’ versions to parity with their just-released indoor cameras – the 2K Indoor and the 2K Indoor pan & Tilt.

If these Pro versions support 4K, then this would potentially create a bit of a headache for Arlo, who is one of the very few companies that offer 4K support in a HomeKit compatible camera, with their Arlo Ultra. Eufy would set the cat among the pigeons in that their cameras are slowly but surely gaining support for HomeKit Secure Video (HSV), with Arlo sticking to their own paid cloud storage option, basically forsaking HSV.

It’s also important to finally note, that whether these forthcoming ‘Pro’ models come with 2K or 4K, HomeKit currently only support 1080p, and as there’s scant mention of these cameras, to begin with, there’s no guarantee that these will come with HomeKit support, although it’s unlikely that they wouldn’t, given the company’s current HomeKit trajectory.

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2 thoughts on “Eufy Security App Update Adds Support for 2 Pro and 2C Pro [U]

  • I have the indoor/outdoor eufy pro 2k cameras. I dont really see a difference between these and 1080p. But I am comparing off YouTube videos. I had arlo previously and like this system over arlo.

    I dont have homekit so I cannot confirm any news on that front. However, Alexa discovered the homebase, not the cameras. So there is definitely a bug.

    • Thanks, I’ve just noticed they’re available on Best Buy.

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