Santala Debut New Light Strip on Amazon

Since Xiaomi ecosystem companies like Aqara, Yeelight and Mijia started gearing its products toward HomeKit in one form or another, more Chinese companies have begun to surface over the last 12 months, although some of these companies have been manufacturing products for other brands previously for a while now.

One company has debuted the first of three products on, and while it’s nothing too exciting – it’s a light strip basically – there’s always something to make you take notice.

In this case, besides the very cheap colour light strip, they offer a smart light bulb and a desk lamp. The lamp was what may be of interest to many, seeing as this is an area where there are currently few options, besides Philips Hue and the latest product from Mi/Yeelight – the Mi Desk Lamp Pro. As with most smart products these days, their devices work not only with HomeKit, but also Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Not a lot can be gleaned from the company’s website presently, but it’s fairly safe to assume that the light bulb is white only, and warm white at that. Likewise with the lamp, although we’d hazard a guess that it would offer cool as well as warm whites. Along with the three products, the company offer their own HomeKit app, which for once (in my opinion) actually doesn’t look too bad, although of course functionality is the main concern ultimately.

Hopefully, we’ll get to see these other products on Amazon in the near future, but for now, you can check out the spec of the light strip on yourself or take a visit to the company’s website –

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