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Using Eve Home to Create Condition-Based Automations

The Apple Home app can create some powerful automations for the Smart Home. Now that I’ve added Smart Door and Motion sensors to my house I wanted a way to be able to use them to automate my day without the need to reach for my phone to adjust the lights. It worked out well for a while but I soon noticed a flaw with Apple’s native automations — lack of conditions.

For example, I set up an automation to have my bedroom lights turn on to my nighttime scene whenever the door was opened between 5:30 and 9:45 PM. It worked as expected but in the cases where I changed the setting of my lights and the door was opened again, it would reset them to the nighttime scene. I needed a way to fix this so I immediately thought of editing the automation to only run when the lights in my bedroom were off.

The Apple Home app doesn’t allow for these types of conditions so I needed an alternative. That’s where the Eve for HomeKit app comes in. Using the Eve app allows for more powerful triggers and conditions for HomeKit automations, and below’s video shows you exactly how I took advantage of the Eve App to create these condition-based automations.