Onvis S3 EU Smart Plug Now Available For Preorder on

Off the back of our recent review of the latest device from Shenzhen-based Onvis, namely the S3 Smart Plug, said device is now available for pre-order on Amazon’s German site, as either a single pack for €22.99 or a double pack for €39.99, bringing the price down to just €20 per plug. The slightly more unique looking smart plug, offers, 10 amps and 2300W at 50Hz, and includes power metering via the company’s own app. It is, of course, HomeKit compatible, and although it’s also designed to play nicely with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, at the time of our review this functionality was missing.

Shipping is due to commence in just under two weeks, starting August 9th. Unlike most of the company’s products to date, which use Bluetooth 5.0, the smart plug uses 2.4GHz WiFi. You can check Mariusz Szwed’s review of this latest addition to the HomeKit family below;

Onvis S3EU Smart Plug (review)

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