Roborock Updates App to Include Siri Shortcuts

Roborock, one of the main manufacturers of Xiaomi Smart Home ecosystem robot vacuums, have today updated their own app to include Siri Shortcuts, slightly expanding on the set of Shortcut options possible via Xiaomi’s own Mi Home app.

The Roborock app does in many ways work in the same way that you would find in the Mi Home app, with a floor map of the floor your vacuum resides in, along with the possibility of creating rooms and zones, depending on the model.

As you can see from the screenshots above, whilst the list of options isn’t especially exhaustive, you do get the option to clean individual rooms, which is something lacking in the Mi Home app. You also get options to set the suction power, and a Find Me option if the vacuum gets stuck somewhere, and you’re having trouble looking for it. Of course, you also get basic functionality, like Start, Pause, or Resume Cleaning, as well as returning the vacuum to its dock.

As robot vacuums are not a category supported in HomeKit, Siri Shortcuts is about as close as you can get to HomeKit functionality, unless you use HomeBridge/HOOBS to add your vacuum to HomeKit, which then presents the vacuum as a fan, which may not be so ideal. You also don’t tend to get the option to clean individual rooms this way, at least not without some programming, so Shortcuts is quite useful until Apple decide to add such a category.

Currently, Roborock offers a variety of different models, depending on where you live, including the T7 Pro, E4, S5, S6, and a few more, all of which can work with either the Roborock or Mi Home apps.

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3 thoughts on “Roborock Updates App to Include Siri Shortcuts

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  • Hi, I should get my Roborock S6 Max V to automatically clean when Apple’s Homekit smart home system tells me that no one is home. I first thought about putting my vacuum cleaner to work on HomeKit with HOOBS / Homebridge, but would the same thing work for Siri Shortcuts and Homekit because is this vacuum cleane support Siri Shortcuts? Somehow like this:

    What would be the best and easiest solution to get my vacuum cleaner to automatically clean when my smart home (apple Homekit) tells that no one is home?

    • At present, Siri Shortcuts requires input for most automations, so you have to tell Siri to perform them, or trigger them within the Shortcuts app. Triggering the vacuum to run a shortcut using a motion sensor wouldn’t work in Siri Shortcuts under normal circumstance. You could possibly a shortcut that asks you if you want to clean the home, based on your location I guess, but I haven’t tried that.

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