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Abode Alarm Keypad 2

The perfect addition to your system, the new & improved keypad features a built-in motion sensor to alert you to your system status every time you walk by, backlit buttons for easy low-light arming and disarming, and more.

  • The new keypad is full of features designed to make it the ideal tool for easily arming and disarming your system.
  • Set up to 40 unique PIN codes
  • Backlit buttons allow for easy arming & disarming in low-light
  • Built-in motion detection displays your system status every time you walk by
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 6 months (charging cable included)
  • Magnetic wall mount allows for easy, versatile placement
  • Customizable: turn off sounds & motion detection

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3 thoughts on “Abode Alarm Keypad 2

  • Do you know if this can this be used on its own in HomeKit with another alarm system like Aqara? I would love a keypad to activate security mode, but still use all my Aqara sensors to trigger an alarm.

    • In general, I don’t believe you can, as alarm systems in HomeKit, especially sensors, are only designed to work with their own systems in terms of triggering an alarm, so I’m guessing this will also be the case with the alarm panel. It currently exposes the built-in motion/occupancy sensor, but I believe there’s at least one button that is also exposed to HomeKit, with single and double presses, so in theory, you could use these in automations to turn the Aqara alarm on/off, but it wouldn’t be as deeply integrated like it would with an Abode alarm system. Additionally, you’d still need an Abode gateway anyway, so it’s sort of moot.

      • Thanks for such a concise explanation!! Thought that might be the case – might need to consider a switch to abode!

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