Leviton Release New Switches, Dimmer, and Smart Plug

US-Based Leviton today released its 2nd generation hub-free devices, which include a 600w dimmer switch, a 15A Wall switch, a new smart plug (described by Leviton as a Plug-in Switch), and a new Mini Plug-in Dimmer Switch (also a plug basically but with dimming controls).

The new range, like the previous iterations, doesn’t require the Leviton hub, relying solely on a WiFi connection to get them into either Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant.

The two new ‘Mini Switches’ are essentially smart plugs, although the Mini Dimmer is especially suitable for plugging in a lamp that would have a dimmable dumb bulb inside, with the dimming of said bulb controlled from the plug itself. This is the same as the Lutron Caseta Lamp Dimmer, and is only suitable for lamps, due to it only accepting two pins from a Type A plug.

Whilst the smart plugs aren’t especially competitively priced, the switches are at a price point you’d normally expect of the Aqara smart switches, that incidentally do require a hub. The 600W dimmer is priced at $44.99, with the 15A switch coming in at just under $40. The Mini Plug-in Switch is just under $25.00, with the Dimmer plug an extra $5.00 at $29.99. All are available now on

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