Lipro Releases First HomeKit Enabled Ceiling Lights

If you’re only really a HomeKit user, you may well not be aware of Lipro, as they’re a Chinese smart home brand that mostly manufactures products compatible with Xiaomi’s own ecosystem. However, they now seem ready to push the boat out a little, with two new lighting products, both of which are HomeKit compatible, whilst also offering pretty good specs and options.

The first of these is a new circular ceiling light that boasts an ultra-thin footprint, at only 2cm in depth, whilst also being flush with the ceiling. The light itself is available in HomeKit and non-HomeKit versions, but it’s also offered in a few sizes;

  • 40cm ⌀ | 32w | 2100lm | 8-12m² coverage
  • 50cm ⌀ | 42w | 2600lm | 10-15m² coverage
  • 60cm ⌀ | 65w | 4500lm | 15-25m² coverage

As you can see, the 60cm option offers more than double the lumens and coverage of the 40cm light.

All of the models above offer a Ra97, a colour rendering index (CRI) which is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reproduce the colour of different objects faithfully in comparison to a natural light source.

Additionally, unlike some products from China, these will work with voltages between 111~240V, so they’ll also work in places like North America, Japan, and Taiwan for example.

As with the circular ceiling light, this model also offers a CRI of Ra97 and is capable of working with voltages between 110~240v. The rectangular ceiling light is also available in HomeKit and non-HomeKit versions, but in only one size, but also offers both the highest lumens and coverage;

  • 60 x 90cm | 75w | 5200lm | 20-30m² coverage

Currently, these lights are only available in Mainland China via Taobao, although it’s possible they’re for sale at places like AliExpress etc.

Thanks to Eric @ Wavetech for the heads-up

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  • It’s so frustrating that there nothing with this functionality available on the market in the west.

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