New Yeelight ‘Beam’ Light Bar with Matter Available to Preorder


Originally announced at IFA earlier this summer, Yeelight now has their latest lighting product – The Yeelight Beam – available for pre-order, with a 30% discount.

This new tabletop-style lighting product might seem like a light strip mounted to a base, but it’s actually a little more than that, with LEDs running along both the front and back of the upright bar and along the underside of the base (warm to cool whites only on one edge).

The Beam also comes with a handy removable bracket to hold headphones, indicating this product primarily aims at gamers, as Yeelight also has its own sync app that allows colours on the display to be replicated on its products. This has been a feature of Yeelight products for a few years now when it teamed up with Razer to offer this type of functionality.

Just like with the company’s last major product, the Cube lamp system, this will work in the company’s Yeelight Station app, where dedicated control of the LEDs and any preset or custom light patterns can be adjusted or added to. You can check out our video for the Yeelight Cube below;

As with their Cube lamps, the new Beam will also be a Matter over WiFi device, meaning it’ll work with the four main ecosystems – Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, and of course Apple Home.

You can pre-order the Beam via the company’s store by paying just US$1 upfront in exchange for a 30% discount on the retail price once they start shipping in November – although they don’t actually list the retail price on the page… we’ll add the price to this article once we’ve heard back from Yeelight.

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