HomeKit Enabled Bra.vo S4 multi-Sensor Released

It’s not too often you come across smart home gadgets from Italy, so this recently released Apple Home compatible smart home gadget took us by surprise at HomeKit News, offering multiple sensors in one small package.

The Bra.vo S4, from Vortice, is an indoor air quality monitor that covers a lot, essentially bringing the features of something like the Eve Room, and the QingPing Air Monitor Lite together. So, alongside the basics, like temperature and humidity, the S4 can also detect PM2.5 (and PM10), VOCs, and even Carbon Dioxide.

Whilst it offers more than the aforementioned devices from Eve and QingPing, unlike those it doesn’t come with a display of any sort. What you get instead, is a small circular puck shaped unit, with a convex top section, atop a small gap for the sensors to measure the surrounding air. This gap also appears to feature colour LEDs that change hue depending on the overall air quality.

The S4 also includes a wall bracket if you want to mount it to a wall or ceiling, and is powered by a standard USB cable (either USB-C or Micro USB, we’re not sure…). It uses standard 2.4GHz WiFi to connect to your network and HomeKit, and can also work with other Vortice products, like the company’s HomeKit-compatible ventilation system.

All that sounds great, although the price isn’t exactly anything to get excited about, listed on for just under EU€190. It also seems that it’s currently only available in Italy.

Thanks to Francesco Ciceri for bringing this to our attention

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