First Matter-Enabled Air Purifier Announced by AIDot

WELOV, a brand of AiDot, is new to us at HomeKit News, but it caught our attention with the announcement of an Matter version of its P200 Pro Air Purifier, making it  first-ever Matter-Certified air purifier. AiDot, the parent company, joined the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) in 2022, and achieved its first Matter certification in November 2022 for its own smart lighting series. Whilst it’s going to be a Matter device, it would appear that this will be a Matter over WiFi, not Matter over Thread.

As an air purifier in the first instance, the P200 Pro is specifically designed to addresses the occurrence of higher PM2.5 levels during the night, especially for those users prone to allergies, which would include things like protection against pollen. What makes this device especially interesting to Apple users is its integration with Apple Health, which would allow users to share sleep data, enabling the air purifier to adjust purification modes based on sleep cycles.

Even if you’re not an Apple user, you can still can take advantage of the device’s use of personalised sleep profiles, synchronisation with users’ sleep patterns, sound level monitoring, and customisable lighting effects, which includes an LED near the top of the device.

Some of the features of this new Air Purifier;

  • Cleans areas up to 1570 ft² in 60 mins
  • Monitoring and adjusting fan speed based on real-time indoor air quality, displayed through colour LEDs and PM2.5 data
  • Air purifier noise levels operates as low as 23dB in sleep mode
  • Uses HEPA filtration, certified to capture 99.97% of ultra-fine particles

The non-Matter version offers three different filters, based on specific user requirements, with a standard filter for everyday use, a filter aimed more at pet owners, and a third option for tackling VOCs, including formaldehyde etc.

The Matter-Certified P200 Pro is scheduled for release on WELOV’s Amazon and AiDot store in March, although this is not set in stone according to the company’s press release.

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2 thoughts on “First Matter-Enabled Air Purifier Announced by AIDot

  • Wonder what the device is represented as under Matter? I don’t recall an Air Purifier type. Maybe OnOff and potentially level adjustment for fan level? Maybe expose some sensors?

    • Hi, Matter does indeed support air purifiers, and has done since v.1 I believe. Here’s a list of what’s currently supported;

      – Light bulbs and light switches (including smart buttons)
      – Plugs and outlets
      – Locks
      – Thermostats and other HVAC controllers
      – Room air conditioners (i.e., window units)
      – Air purifiers
      – Fans
      – Blinds and shades
      – Robot vacuums
      – Refrigerators / Freezers
      – Washing machines
      – Dishwashers
      – Televisions and media devices
      – Smoke and CO alarms
      – Safety and security sensors
      – Air quality sensors (PM1, PM 2.5, PM 10, CO2, NO2, VOC, CO, ozone, radon, and formaldehyde)
      – Bridges

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