Firmware Update to Aqara Hub Released [updated]

  • Update: We’ve since been informed that the update was pushed in error, and has been withdrawn from release for a later date. The firmware update was apparently issued by the Mi Home team without the knowledge of Aqara, so this would explain why the update didn’t appear in the Aqara app as well.

The anticipated 1.5.0 Firmware update for the Aqara Hub has been released today, up from version 1.4.7. As we previously reported, this update bring HomeKit compatibility to the following devices, as well as a few bug fixes and improved stability;

  • Mi Smart Plug (Zigbee version)
  • Mi smart Smoke Detector
  • Mi Smart Natural Gas Detector
  • Aqara Wall Outlet

It would seem from reports so far, that it’s not universally available yet, so you may have to wait for your region to show the available update. It would also appear at first glance that the update is not available via the Aqara app, but that may well change.

Having already update our Hubs here, once complete in the Mi Home there seems to be no change, although on checking the Apple Home app, my Mijia/Honeywell Smoke detector automatically appears. As with all sensors added via Mi Home that work with Homekit, they’re added to the default room in Home, so you have to assign them to the correct room, however, the smoke detector does indeed appear, as does our US and Taiwan Smart plugs. The Gas Detector is on order, so once that’s added to Mi Home we fully expect that to appear in Home as well.

NOTE: One final point to note if you do want to upgrade; it seems that the best way for implement the firmware update it’s best to go into the Mi Home app, then Profile > Settings > Check for firmware updates. You can update via the settings in the hub itself, but we found it stalled when trying to apply the update with this method.

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122 thoughts on “Firmware Update to Aqara Hub Released [updated]

  • Is the update available via the Mi Home app or via Aqara Home too? Via Aqara Home shows 1.4.7 current

    • It seems it’s only via Mi Home currently, and also it seems it’s being rolled out in regions.

    • Now the hub sends info back to China on port 5050 and 11111 every few minutes.

    • From v1.5.x and now on v1.5.9 the hub sends data back to the mothership China servers on port 5050 and 11111. I don’t think the hub is very secure if it’s spying / sending back information about my home. Things like wifi password, if I’m home or not, what time the house has no activity. Welcome to IOT where someone else or someone’s organisation in China know more about you then you. I guess even Apple home kit security can not stop the hub talking direct back. This hub is heading for the bin.

      • This is completly normal! If you choose china server, the hub will communicate with it. You phone through mi home or aqara home is not directly connected to the hub but communicate via the server so the hub have to send data every time. If the hub didn’t communicate with the server, Mi Home will never be updated.

    • Don’t update. New version is spying on you. It send info back by port 5050 and 11111 to Chinese servers.

  • Do you still need to update via the Aqara app or can you now update from Mi Home?

    • It seems the update is only available via Mi Home currently.

  • Can’t see any updates neither in hub settings nor in app settings (Mi Home). Server is mainland China.
    Any ideas?

    • Two other people in the EU have also reported this. I think it will show up later.

  • Server is mainland China.
    No update 1,5

    • They seem to have pulled the update. If you read the updated info at the top of the post I’ve explained the possible reason why.

      • Bold or color the update font color next time, I didn’t see that too ;x

        Just my 2cents, and thanks for doing all these posts.

        • Yeah maybe I should have had it in bold! Glad you find the site of use.

  • Hey Simon, I update mine as soon as I see the email notification for this post lol I wouldn’t bother to check it if I don’t see your post.

    And it took less than 20seconds to download it this time… remember how much I suffer for 1.4.7 last week… -.-;;;

    The more often they have an update which means they are really trying to make it great!

      • Yup, and I can still access the camera.

        As an IT support, we hate to do firmware or any kind of update! LOL

          • The Xiaomi 1080p camera, the one that work with 2.4/5G Wifi.

            It is very good, I like it, because it can store the video from the SD card to my NAS, but the time limit is just 3 months.

            The next camera I wanna try at home is Arlo Ultra, 4k is finally here…

          • There are so many Xiaomi related cameras, and even some that look very similar, that it’s hard to keep up with everything. I hope you have deep pockets – the Arlo Ultra is expensive!

          • Yea, they have tons, this is the one they are selling official on but they took it offline… when I wanna order for few more… not going with Yi, it is very good and affordable but I can’t do any automation with my smart home sensors.


            As for Ultra, think about it, we have seem tons of 1080p home camera, its great for indoor, but when you are trying to put it outdoor… it can’t cover much because it has a much bigger area… 4k should able to solve this issue.

            I just need 2-3 MAX, I will stick with Xiaomi for the rest of the area that I want to monitor.

          • Bad news… since the update, my no longer able to talk to those Aqara sensors…

  • stuck at 1.4.5 here 🙁

  • Super et Merci pour l’info!
    La mise à jour était dispo pour moi également résident en France.

    J’ai 2 questions :

    1: La caméra Aqara ou une autre apparaît dans l’a Maison (Apple).

    2: Je souhaiterai ajouté un deuxième Hub Aqara à mon installation pour une meilleure alarme sonore. Mais je suis obligé de passé par l’application Aqara pour la mettre à jour et migrer vers Mi Home.

    Serait-il possible que vous fassiez un sujet dessus, car je crains de perdre la connexion de mon premier Hub Aqara déjà installé dans Mi Home.

    • J’ai pas compris pour le 1, tu recherches une cam xioami compatible homekit ?

  • I still do not have a new update of 1.5.
    I tried in the described ways but there is nothing

  • My hub aqara has been unpaired from HomeKit. It does not allow to pair it again (with the hub QR) because it says that the device is already added. What should I do to paired it again? Thank you.

    • The hub was paired again with Homekit by unplugging and re-plugging.

      • I have same issue after updating hub from 1.4.2 to 1.4.5 version… Second method (update via Settings) seems not work for me… Are updates obligatory, or I can avoid them somehow?

  • Hi guys! A question for the Aqara owners: how loud is the speaker? Do you think it could act as an alarm siren or not?

    • No

    • It’s pretty loud. I think, loud enough to at least stop someone in their tracks, even if only for a short time. As an alarm, loud enough I would say, as a siren – depends on what you mean by siren i guess.

      • If someone opens the window from outside, I’d like him to hear the alarm just to let him know my house has an anti thief system with cameras and so on. If they realize that, I’m pretty sure they would just run away. Do you think the alarm could be heard outside the house? PS: I don’t need to alert my neighbors… also because I don’t have any, so a siren would be useless!

        • It just depends on how loud you have the alarm set for, but it can send out quite a lot of sound.

  • Can we set the development mode in this version? Until now I cant do it.
    And with the gateway 2 is is abailable, so i hope do it with aqara homekit version.

  • Just updated to the new version. Seems it has been officially released now.

  • 1.5.0 update is available once again

  • Hi all,
    I’ve just recevided my new Aqara Hub. Everything ok when adding it in Mi home app, but i have some problems with firmware update: installed version is 1.4.2 and the app says the new version is 1.5.0. When I try to update (both using settings in my home o directly tapping in the Hub) I cas see the software downloading, but it fails installation process. Any ideas?

    • It depends on how you try to update. If you go into Profile > Settings > check for firmware updates, this seems to work when updating this way. If you try to update from the settings in the hub, it seems to fail.

      • Thank you Simon.
        I tried both, it fails in both way…

        • The only other thing to try is rebooting your phone to clear out any cached info that could be causing an issue, and also unplug and plug in your hub.


    Update is available once again 1,5

    Update is available once again 1,5

  • The icons of Xiaomi Mi Mijia ZigBee Smart Socket in Apple Homekit appeared

    I am in the app Apple homekit connected products of Ikea led bulbs, Xiaomi Mijia and Aqara products and all the sensors and lights and switches and the rest work fantastic, fast and safe.
    Sensors Xiaomi and Aqara sensors work with Ikea bulbs.
    This is a great way to have a smart home for less money

    • Great! So the Ikea bulbs are going through HomeKit or Mi Home? Ikea have a plan to work with Mi Home soon.

  • Ikea bulbs are going through HomeKit autamatically via the Ikea gateway.

  • Something went wrong during the update, so now I can see TWO hubs, one 1.4.7 (if added through Aqara app), and second is 1.5.0 (if added through mi app, but it appears in Homekit and nothing in mi app)

  • Do you guys update the hub through Aqara app?
    Cause I don’t see 1.5.0 update for some reason.. Tried unplugging the hub already.

    Aqara HomeKit hub, SW ver. 1.4.7, region is set to Mainland China.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  • Check for firmware via Mi Home app.

    • Mainland China region?

    • región China continental?

  • So I tried with the Mi Home app, it indeed showed 1.5.0 available, but update itself failed (I started it from the app settings, not the accessory). Now the hub looks bricked: it just glows constantly and does not react on 10 sec button press or 10 rapid button clicks 🙁
    I tried disabling 5 GHz, DNS address, and almost everything I was able to find on the net, but with no luck.

    Do I have to buy a new hub? This is pretty ridiculous, because it worked perfectly on 1.4.7

    • I wouldn’t think it’s bricked, but it does sound odd, but it’s hard know what you may or may not have done differently that resulted in this. Have you tried unplugging the hub and plugging it back in again? Sometimes the simplest of things can help. It’s also worth noting that the 10 presses don’t have to be ‘rapid’ just ‘timely’ and consistent, so it may be worth trying to reset the hub again, but slower possibly. Sometimes it also pays to wait for it to go through a few things before it shows signs of being reset.

      • Yes, I tried unplugging, tried different sockets, tried to be as closer to the wi-fi router as possible (~1-1.5 m). No luck.
        I believe resetting the device should not be affected by anything like wi-fi setup or whatever. So what bothers me is that I don’t see any feedback from the hub: I tried rapid clicks, I tried slower ones, and it’s hard to go wrong with a long press, but hub just stays the same color (almost white blue) and does not have any color or sound feedback.

        Wrote an email to Aqara support, let’s see what they will answer.

        P.S. Thanks for the advices anyway!

        • Hi Dizzy, I had same problem but with 1.4.7 firmware, after I tried to changed between the fu**ing Aqara App (blue icon) and Aqara app (yellow icon and supposed that apple watch was working on it) to best option (in iOS) Mi home app that’s greatest with full features on alarm system, sensors, plugs, etc.
          Same problem with white led blinking after unplugged, and reset.
          Clicking button 10 times faster stills permitt resetting Hub, yellow blinks starts, I run all procedures but it’s not connect with network and timed out problem appear. Another negative detail is that no more feedback voice prompt chinese sounds, and I believe this is fundamental to pair with wifi..
          Just curious, If I press 3 times not rapid, it change to pairing mode to add accesories with purple light blinking and yes, chinese voice prompt sounds.. but I don’t see it in any app.

          I just buy another hub, and nevered add to Aqara app (blue or yellow icon), and now all works perfect with Mi home.
          But I stil have a Hub like paperweight waiting for new firmware maybe came alive again.
          About Aqara support, they are disappear from earth.. never replied a message.

          • Thanks for the reply Valo!
            Same with Aqara support – just silence. I just wanted my zigbee plugs to work with HomeKit, but got bricked hub.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
            Waiting for the new one to arrive. Seems like I’ll stick with 1.5.0 for a long time 🙂

        • Dizzy, I just read your comments on this website. I confirm you that your hub is damaged. It happens the same to me updating from firmware 1.4.5 to 1.4.7. Aqara hasn’t any kind of answers because they don’t honor the warranty. I bought 2 more if something happens to one of these.
          Cheaper is expensive.
          Now I have the new ones updated from the original 1.4.2 to 1.4.5 and ther is no evidence of a new firmware in my Mi Home app. NOTHING!

  • Hi, I have a question, what is the advantage using Mi Home instead Aqara App. I recently bought an Aqara Hub and I started to spread my HomeKit network, first with Koogeek devices, and now with Aqara. Please someone tell me pros and cons. Are both apps fully compatible each other?
    PS. I love your site, greetings from Barcelona

    • Hi Pablo,
      There are only a few minor benefits at first impression, mostly with additional data for your sensors that the Aqara app doesn’t provide. The Mi Home app is generally more stable, having been around longer. If the Aqara app works for you, and you’re up to date with it all, then you don’t really need to move over to the Mi Home app.

      • Thanks for your reply Simon
        At the moment Aqara app is working ok, but regarding this thread, I do not see the new update to 1.5.0 firmware. My fear is if I start working with the Mi Home app could make some mess with my network, devices o something like that.
        Other doubt I have is I am thinking about buying the gas and smoke sensors from Xiaomi / Honeywell.

        • Pablo si quieres actualizar a 1.5.0 necesitas hacerlo con Mi Home.

        • I think the 1.5.0 update may only be available via Mi Home, so the choice is yours ultimately. Without updating to 1.5.0, you won’t be able to add the smoke and gas sensors either.

        • Te recomiendo no pasar a Mi Home si ya lo instalaste en Aqara app.
          Mi Hub se corrompió o no entiendo que le sucedió pero terminé comprando otro Hub porque quedó inservible.
          Con el nuevo Hub lo instalé de cero con Mi Home app, que funciona mucho mejor y tiene mayores prestaciones.
          Igualmente tienen diferencias, en diseño de interface gráfica y user experience, es mejor Aqara app (icono azul) porque tambien existe una app igual pero icono amarillo que no sirve de nada, y creo que fue lo que jodió del todo mi Hub. En la Aqara app (icono amarillo que comenté anteriormente) te da opción a poder syncronizar tu apple watch según muestra la interface, pero debes conectarte al servidor de China y necesitas un numero telefónico chino para que te activen la cuenta o una cuenta WeChat.
          Por otro lado la Aqara app de icono azul como decía, tiene mejor apariencia gráfica, pero te deja fuera con poder agregar o que aparezcan en HomeKit sensores o plugs.
          La mejor opción que creo existe hasta ahora, es Mi Home. Puedes agregar sensores de todo tipo, plugs de todo tipo, utilizar el Hub o plugs con radio (china), dependiendo la versión, y puedes obtener funcionalidad del sistema de alarmas mucho mejor.
          El único problema, es que (al menos en mi caso) no puedo captar para que aparezcan en la Home app de apple y su HomeKit la mayoría de los accesorios. Otro detalle que no he probado al 100%, es que al estar conectado a servidores de China Mainland, al crear una automatización que tenga que ver con ubicación, me aparecen ciudades chinas como Pekín, etc.. y eso seguramente lo liga a la banda horaria de esa zona, por lo cual queda obsoleta..
          Espero te sirvan mis experiencias, que de paso vienen bien poder transmitirlas en español, porque en ingles se me dificulta un poco.. saludos

          • Gracias por tus comentarios Valo. Tendré presente el tema de usar Mi Home.
            PS. I feel bad for the other english speakers, maybe they could use a translator.

        • Sobre el firmware 1.5.0 lo acabo de instalar (en Mi Home app, porque aun no existe para la Aqara app) y ahora me detecta sensor de humo en la Home app de Apple a través de HomeKit.

          • This is one of the points I feel worry about, I want to stay with Aqara app but I want to buy the gas and smoke sensors, I hope Aqara will release soon this update.
            The other thing I want is to be exposed to Home app any device possible, my house is an Apple hourse and my wife is also using iPhone.

  • Just installed the Mi Smoke Alarm.I thought all of them would go off when one of them detects smoke. Only the Hub + specific Smoke Alarm goes off. Anyone know how to change this behavior? HomeKit Alerts+Automatations work like a charm. Also i did not find a way to disable/clear the Alarm via App?

  • I see the update, but it never goes to the end :/ still il 1.4.7

  • I have aqara motion sensor . Work fine with homekit. Does Mi Motion sensors work with homekit too (aqara geteway) ?

    • The Mi Motion sensors, door sensors and temperature/humidity sensors all get exposed to HomeKit via the Aqara gateway. The smoke detector and gas detector are also exposed if you update the firmware to v1.5.0.

      • Thank You 🙂

        • Is firmware 1.5 still available? Or will it be released soon? Can’t see it via Aqara or MI Home. I want 1.5 so my MI Smoke Detectors work through HomeKit.

          • Hi
            1.5.0 was pulled for a second time due to an issue they previously thought they had eradicated. There is a new update due at some point that should bypass 1.5.0, which will be 1.5.4, which is in beta testing at the moment.

  • Update is now on Air. Kills all the HomeKit.

  • After upgrading to 1.5 the Aqara Motion sensors in HomeKit are much slower “undetecting” movement. I have automations that turn on lights after movement is detected and turn them off after 2 minutes. Now if I enter a room briefly after the light went off the motion automation isn’t triggered and the light doesn’t turn on.

    Anyone else has this problem?

    • Same problem here. Reset the Motion Sensor and link it again with the HUB. That solved the problem for me.

  • Hello, I use the aqare home app. (not the mi) In this app you still do not see an update. He continues to indicate that 1.47 is the latest version. Do you have this too?

    • Hi, I moved over to Mi Home as soon as it was available, so I don’t use the Aqara app any more, but I believe the update is only for Mi Home anyway.

  • Is it easy to switch to the MI home app? or do not all accessories work correctly? How can I switch easily?

    • Hi Henk, there are a few ways to move over to the Mi Home app, but if you’re in the Aqara app, you need to go into the settings for the Aqara Hub itself, and there should be a section that says ‘work in Mi Home app’ and ‘yes’ next to it. This will transfer the Hub over to Mi Home, where you have to follow further instructions to complete the process. I have to warn you that some people have had major problems since moving to the Mi Home app, so you do any of this at your own risk.

  • Do you think aqara hub product is a failed product ?. The product has not been thoroughly tested, has been launched to the market in a hurry. Its engineers must race to fix errors. Now I have removed the aqara hub and waited for a big update. What do you think?

    • I think it’s an unreliable product, for sure when I see some of the problems that some people are experiencing (I’ve been very lucky so far, with no issues), but whether it can be called a failed product is hard to quantify. There are plenty of smart devices that are unreliable when it comes to disconnecting or otherwise not responding, but they are never described as ‘failed products’, so not easy to say. I don’t know how you arrived at the conclusion it was rushed to market, unless you have evidence to prove this to be the case. I think it’s fair to say that the engineers don’t have a good grip on the issues that customers are facing, but it’s also worth bearing in mind that this device has never been officially certified to be used outside of China, and so if the problems many people are experiencing are down to location, it might be something that was not anticipated.

      • Is there another geteway that works with aqara sensors and apple homkit ?

        • No, there is not, unless you go down the Homebridge route and use an older Mijia Gateway.

          • Mija Gateway work ok ? Does notifications works ?

          • Mijia gateway does not work with HomeKit. The nearest you can get to HomeKit functionality is via Siri Shortcuts, but that’s a connection between iOS and the app, not the gateway.

      • I dont receive push notification . Is it standard ? 🙂

          • From mi home app.
            I receive notification only from Apple Home app when alarm turn on ( sorry for my english) .

          • That’s ok, I understand you perfectly. In Apple Home it’s just a case of turning notifications on or off, but in the Mi Home app you have to set up an automation; for example, the Aqara motion sensor – press ‘automation’ tab in Mi Home, click on the + symbol at the top, select the motion sensor, and then in the ‘IF’ section, select ‘motion detected’. Then in the ‘THEN’ section, select ‘send notification to device’. Save the automation and name it. You will now get notifications to your phone when Motion is detected. It’s the same principle for most devices.

          • Thanks, I will try 🙂

  • Hi may be you could help me. When i power my Aqara Hub, all my sensor are accessible from aqara/Mi Home/HomeKit apps. But after 1 or 2 hours, there are only accessible from mi home… homekit access seems to be broken. Any idea ?

  • same at my Aqara. several times. First Start with the Mi app. Fail. Then start with the Aqara app. Fail again. And with the Home app same as before. It takes about 2 hours, and than alle the Aqara’s doesn’t respond. Rules are working!

  • my Hub gone mad after the upgrade … if you are on stable version please don’t upgrade … the Hub is having a huge performance issue and delay in response to all automations !

    not even responding to control from outside the network

    • I also no longer able to add the hub back to my, keep getting the error already added when I scan the QR code but when I enter manually, I would just get a keep loading message.

      • indeleted everything even removed the Mi home app and created and new account and re- added everything
        Now everything is added back but the hub performance is becoming really shit .. response is so slow , failure to connect or to execute an automation is really high.
        It actually turns the lights after I have passed the corridor or went up the stairs. So in other words it became useless. I wish I can downgrade it to 1.47 again. It was awesome

  • i have both Mijia and Aqara hub, a stupid question:
    I am using Aqara App to connect homekit, so Mi App is useless in this case? or i need to transfer the hub from Aqara to Mi Home? i am getting confuse in these two apps.

    Or can tou please share your setup journey?

    • You don’t have to use the Mi Home app, but with the latest updates to both Mi Home and The Aqara Hub, you get more from your sensors, as well as the ability to add the Smoke and gas sensors. You can continue to use the Aqara app if it works for you, and you should also know that some people have had problems moving over to the Mo Home app. I haven’t, but some people have, so it’s a risk you take. Here’s an article on some of the issues you may encounter along with some solutions –

      • just switched to Mi Home today, all my accessories are working great but i still stuck in 1.4.7, no firmware update is available for me yet.

        i am still waiting for my Mi plug Z version to be worked with Homekit.

  • just switched to Mi Home today, all my accessories are working great but i still stuck in 1.4.7, no firmware update is available for me yet.

    i am still waiting for my Mi plug Z version to be worked with Homekit.

    • Yes, you will need firmware update 1.5.0 for the plugs to work, as well as the smoke/gas detectors and the in-wall sockets. Check you’re signed in, and using Mainland China for the server.

  • Well, my experience is also odd. I had two hubs in different homes, one with firmware 1.4.5 and the other with 1.4.7. The latter was moved from Aqara app to Mi home. As soon as the first accidental update was available I could update both of the hubs to 1.5.0 without issues. They are working ever since, Zigbee plugs and smoke detektors exposed to homekit and all.
    Now I received another/third hub yesterday and added it to Mi Home. There was a firmware update from 1.4.2 to 1.4.5. After the update it said that firmware is up to date and thats it, no 1.5.0. firmware has been presented. I tried to log out and back in, server is Mainland China and so on but no update is visible. Can´t quite figure it out what seems to be the problem. If somebody knows something please share.

  • Here the Aqara support reply to my answer about problem upgrading to 1.5.0:
    “Hi,Because we found a bug in the new 1.5.0 firmware, we temporarily closed the upgrade path. Please give us some time to fix it. We will fix it again and push the update again. Please refer to the software notification push for specific time.

    Kind regards.”

    • please advise whether 1.5 is released yet?

      • As far as I’m aware it’s been out for a while. There are some people that aren’t able to see it as an update though unfortunately, and I’m not sure why that is.

  • Hello,
    just received my Aqara hub yesterday. FW 1.4.2 successfully upgrated to 1.4.5 but no 1.4.7 or 1.5.0 update notification.
    “isolano” replied to my answer … i will wait the true FW 1.5.0 to use my ZigBee plug.
    Hope it will arrive soon


  • Bonjour,

    Je viens de recevoir mon deuxième Hub Aqara et celui-ci et bien entendu pas en FW1.5, même après plusieurs tentative de mise à jour, la version 1.4.5 reste la plus récente. Par contre j’ai un nouveau packaging avec le nouveau Hub Aqara différent de celui que j’avais reçu avant.


  • Bonjour,
    Je viens d’installer Aqara Home et l’appli me propose la MaJ en 1.4.7. Mi-Home lui reste sur le 1.4.5 …

    I just installed the Aqara Home app and it allow me to update my Hub to firmware version 1.4.7. Mi-Home App still show 1.4.5 firmware …

      From v1.4.9 to v1.5.x the hub sends data back to the mothership China servers on port 5050 and 11111. I don’t think the hub is very secure if it’s spying / sending back information about my home. Things like wifi password, if I’m home or not, what time the house has no activity. Welcome to IOT where someone else or someone’s organisation in China know more about you then you. I guess even Apple home kit security can not stop the hub talking direct back. This hub is heading for the bin.

  • Bonjour,

    Oui mais le problème c’est qu’une fois qu’on bascule vers l’application AqaraHome on perd tout et pour repasser sur Mi-Home c’est compliqué toujours.


    • Bonjour,
      Justement non, Aqara Home c’est câblé sur mon HomeKit sans dérégler mon Mi-Home. J’ai laissé le réglage du lieu dans Aqara sur Other et comme ça pas besoin de compte. Il affiche juste les périphérique Aqara présent dans HomeKit.

  • Bonjour,

    Effectivement je viens de faire le test et j’ai pu mettre à jour mon Hub Aqara vers le firmware 1.5.7 encore merci!


  • Bonjour,

    Je reviens sur le sujet du passage a l’application Aqara et ça était compliqué de revenir sur l’application Mi Home car tout était en hors ligne après. J’ai du finalement tout réinitialiser pour que tout remarche.

    Dommage que cela toujours aussi compliqué avec Aqara, mais bon tout remarche et tout est à jour maintenant.

    • Mon expérience avec Aqara a été très contrastée et beaucoup de gens n’ont pas eu la meilleure expérience. Mais s’ils peuvent rendre le hub plus fiable, les bas prix sont trop difficiles à ignorer.

    From v1.4.9 to v1.5.x the hub sends data back to the mothership China servers on port 5050 and 11111. I don’t think the hub is very secure if it’s spying / sending back information about my home. Things like wifi password, if I’m home or not, what time the house has no activity. Welcome to IOT where someone else or someone’s organisation in China know more about you then you. I guess even Apple home kit security can not stop the hub talking direct back. This hub is heading for the bin.

    • Sigh… I don even care if they have all my information… I’m nothing to them…

      Anyway… please cancel your home internet and go back to Nokia 3310.

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