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First Alert Onelink Smoke and CO Sensor

The First Alert Onelink Smoke & CO detector is, at least for those of us in North America, really the only choice in Apple Homekit compatible Smoke detectors. Considering the certification process that is required in getting yourselves into the smoke detector game, I’m not surprised. I picked up the second generation of the Onelink Smoke & CO having skipped completely on the first gen due to the horrible reviews. I’m happy to say it looks like OneLink has sorted out the connectivity issues that seems to have plagued the first gen of the device. I was able to set up the OneLink Smoke detector with relatively little trouble, the only thing I had to get through was caused by myself not following the instructions. All in all, this seems to be a solid product with a super loud siren. At the price point, I’m definitely going to be considering adding a couple more of these to my house.

One thought on “First Alert Onelink Smoke and CO Sensor

  • Great review, thanks! Will wait for some user reviews after a couple months to see if the horror stories from the v1 won’t return. I guess it’ll take a while still before they are available in Europe at a decent price anyway 🙂

    I’m also curious about the voice when the smoke alarm sounds, and how quickly it would trigger a HomeKit automation linked to it. Is that something you could test in an additional video? Without setting your house on fire of course 😉

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