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Installing Lutron Serena Shades

Eric (Modern Day Tech): Upgrade your sliding glass door with a premium shade from Serena by Lutron. We discuss if a smart shade is right for a sliding glass door covering or other entryways. Will it open up fast enough or will be people be upset? We go over the full installation and setup in the Lutron app and bring it into HomeKit, Alexa, & Google and setup up some automations.


2 thoughts on “Installing Lutron Serena Shades

  • Great review!

    Its something I been thinking on for a long time, but the price points is still too high, for men at least. I want to replace all windows, not just one… 🙂 Its also seems to be an area where its very little competition.

  • we included 16 of them in our house when we built it. we’ve been very happy with them and haven’t even had to change the batteries in over 4 years. When other homekit devices fail, the lutron shades always keep working. high quality, good product.

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