Onvis K1 Light Strip Available to Preorder (Amazon US)

The latest offering from Onvis, namely the K1 Kameleon Light Strip, is now available to preorder on, for the more than reasonable price of US$49.99 for the 2-metre strip. The 5-Metre strip is not currently listed as yet, as we’ve been informed this will probably arrive the month after.

If you’re not aware of this new strip, it’s one of the very few HomeKit light strips that can not only do the usual 16m requisite colours but also allow the user to add multiple colours at once to the strip, with Onvis’s ‘Paint’ option. The 2m strip has 60 individual LEDs, which breaks down into 20 zones (3 LEDs per zone), or ‘units’ as Onvis refer to them, with each zone capable of a different colour. That’s an improvement on the LiFX Z Strip, which only has 16 zones for their 2m strip, although admittedly it’s brighter, and has separate LEDs for whites, although the price is higher, understandably.

Besides being able to ‘paint’ the strip to your own satisfaction, the K1 has multiple modes (Music, Twinkle, Security) as well as a clutch of animations that make full use of the strip’s multiple colour functionality, that can all be added to scenes in the Onvis app, that are exposed to the Home app, as standard scenes.

You can check out our teaser video above to get an idea of what the strip is capable of until our full review drops next week.

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