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QingPing Air Monitor Lite

Today’s video is for the QingPing Air Monitor Lite, which detects both PM2.5 and PM10, as well as temperature and humidity, but it’s also one of the few devices to measure C0² or Carbon Dioxide. We breathe out C0², but C0² can easily build up in confined spaces over a period of time and can lead to some less than ideal side effects. Most of these in almost all cases aren’t life-threatening, but at a minimum, can lead to difficulty in concentration, mild headaches, and general fuzziness, for want of a better description. If this interests you, watch the video!

You can purchase the QingPing Air Monitor Lite from Amazon stores in the US, Germany and the UK (affiliate links below). buying using these links doesn’t cost you any more, but helps us to buy more products for review, so you don’t have to take chances! | | 

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