New HomeKit Accessories Cataloguing App Released

Whilst HomeKit can’t compete with the number of devices that are compatible with Google or Amazon’s own ecosystems (maybe not for much longer if Matter works out…), there are still a large collection of products out there that HomeKit enthusiasts either own or desire to, and a new app by Yannic Fries, the main man at German Apple/HomeKit site, has released an app that not only catalogues HomeKit devices but also shows what a particular device is capable of, which in many cases will help consumers decide on if a particular product is right for them, as well as potentially saving money along the way.

This is all achieved with the help of owners, enthusiasts and consumers themselves, who upload the details of the devices they already own by simply allowing access to your HomeKit home, although Yannic is keen to stress that no personal data is shared, only the technical specifications for the devices themselves are uploaded to the database for all to see. AS this is essentially a crowdsourced effort in terms of the data collected, a lot of devices from all regions can be collected, not just products available in your region.

The new app is simply called HomeDevices, and is a free download from Apple’s App Store now.

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