Aqara Issue Limited Edition G3 ‘Mars’ Camera Hub

Whilst the release of the Aqara Camera Hub G3 to other markets is still pending – the G3 is actually now listed on the company’s EU site – In Mainland China, the company is issuing what seems to be a limited edition ‘Mars Exploration’ version of the camera. This, we assume, is somewhat of a nod to China’s first Rover mission to Mars that occurred back in February of this year.

The Mars edition isn’t functionally any different to the standard G3 but comes with custom screen-printed graphics to make the G3 more resemble an astronaut suit. This is enhanced by the addition of a ‘backpack’ that magnetically attaches to the rear of the camera. The packaging for the camera is probably the main thing that will make it a collector’s item in years to come, with three-dimensional parts much like a pop-up children’s book, designed to look like a sort of ‘landing cabin’.

You can check out Eric’s unboxing video of this special edition G3 above.

The bottom line here is that it should really be seen as a collectors’ item more than anything else, but does show the faith the company are putting into what could easily be considered their flagship camera. If you’re not aware of the G3 in its original form, it’s the latest camera hub from Aqara that features a brace of great features to make it, in our opinion, the camera to beat;

  • 2K recording
  • Built-in Zigbee 3.0 hub (exposed to HomeKit)
  • Pan/tilt control
  • Four mode alarm/siren (exposed to HomeKit)
  • Compatible with HomeKit Secure Video
  • USB-C power port
  • SD Recording option
  • AI Gesture recognition
  • AI Facial recognition
  • Built-in IR blaster
  • Human and pet motion tracking
  • Cruise function…and more

Hopefully, with the G3 now listed on the company’s European store, users outside of China will be able to experience the delights of this camera, but in the meantime, you can read our in-depth review HERE, or you can check out our video review below;

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