Brilliant Home Control Now Works With HomeKit

After around a year and a half after Brilliant announced HomeKit support for their Home Control panel would be coming, originally at CES 2019, it would appear the company has finally come through on their promise, although at present, according to their website at least, HomeKit support is in a public beta.

This news comes from Smart Home Youtuber Eric at ModernDayTech, who today released a video going through the details of the Brilliant Control Panel, and how it interacts with Apple HomeKit. Eric did originally review the device in a separate video before HomeKit functionality came about.

The only thing to note is that as this panel, which has a full colour LED screen, is designed to be wired up in the same way that a smart light switch would be, once exposed to HomeKit, it only appears as a dimmable switch, or switches, depending on which model you have. This means that it’s still rather limited at present, although given that Brilliant can control a variety of devices from other smart home manufacturers including Philips Hue, TP-link, LiFX, Wemo, Lutron, Sonos and many more, not to mention Amazon Alexa (which is built-in), and Google Assistant, it’s still a very nice device to have.

You can also check out Eric’s full (pre-HomeKit review) above to learn more about this device.

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