New Home app Announced for iOS16

WWDC is finally upon us and as hoped, amongst the plethora of updates and new features announced for all the devices across Apple’s ecosystem of products and services, a major HomeKit update has been announced.

A wholly redesigned Home app; Unlike the current home app, where Scenes & sensors are located at the top, and cameras are shown at the bottom, with regular-sized tiles to represent individual devices, now all sections can be moved to preferred locations on the screen. Not only that, just as is the case with Widgets on your iPhone Home Screen, where you can set different-sized tiles, you can now do the same with individual HomeKit devices.

Furthermore, when it comes to cameras and their snapshots, instead of individual screens, you can combine four feeds in one larger widget.

The section on HomeKit, which was in many ways fairly perfunctory, started by reiterating the main talking points of Matter – the forthcoming Smart Home standard – that were pretty much covered last year.

This would suggest that any larger changes to the HomeKit landscape will only come once Matter starts rolling out. Without a doubt, there are going to be more changes within the new HomeKit app, if the new icons spotted in the short presentation are anything to go by. This is also the case with possible separately themed screens within the app, like Security.

When it comes to tabs on the bottom of the screen, the Rooms tabs seems to have been removed, leaving only Home, Automations, and the less than popular ‘Discover’ tab. This may be less of a surprise than initially felt, as the rooms in your smart home are already accessible via the sidebar, which we’ll assume is being kept, even if it’s on a new location, as well as Rooms being added to the Favourites screen in their own section.

Whilst we’ve yet to learn more on the inner details surrounding what’s new in HomeKit in ios16, it would also appear that iPads will no longer be able to act as Home Hubs. This is not a bad move at all, as I’ve always felt that whilst it offers an opportunity for new HomeKit users to quickly get up and running with HomeKit and automations, realistically, if these same iPads are in use by any of the family, and taken out of the home, or just turned off, your HomeKit home would soon grind to a halt in some ways, given that new users may not realise the iPad needs to be always on and tethered to your home network permanently.

We’ll be adding to this article as further developments are announced, but you can also check out our article with more screenshots taken from the new Home app HERE.

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  • It also seems like Apple wants to be sure the HomeKit hub is also a Thread Border Router. That will reduce customer confusion as well.

    • Given that Thread seems to be the way forward, at least for some device categories, it would make sense.

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