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LifeSmart mmWave Human Presence Sensor

Motion sensors are a staple product when it comes to a smart home, and whilst they’re great, you only have to be sitting still for a minute or so, and as far as they’re concerned, you’re not there. Not so with today’s product, the LifeSmart Human Presence Sensor, which not only knows you’re there, even if you’re asleep, but it can (for the most part) determine if a human is the source of motion, as opposed to your pet! How cool is that?

The LifeSmart Human Presence Sensor is a little hard to find right now, but the company has said it’s planning to sell it further afield than China, and also possibly sell it via AliExpress. In the meantime, you can check out their website to see just how many HomeKit-compatible devices they make, or check out the Human Presence Sensor directly.

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