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The Airversa Purelle Smart Air Purifier with Thread

If you’re a smart home enthusiast, chances are you’ve already heard of Thread (the new wireless communication protocol), or even have a few Thread devices in your home. Until now, Thread devices have been limited to a few categories, but that expands now, with the very first smart air purifier that uses Thread Over HomeKit. As HomeKit is generally ahead in terms of Thread devices when compared to Amazon Alexa and Google Home, this means the device is currently limited to HomeKit. Still, when Matter comes out, I’m told this will be updated to work with Matter, and will therefore also work with the other aforementioned platforms.

You can buy the Airversa Purelle Smart Air Purifier from Amazon stores in the UK and Germany (affiliate links – no additional costs to you, but supports the channel);

NOTE: All prices in the video were correct at the time of production. Any difference in the prices shown in the are listed in good faith, and no responsibility can be accepted for any changes in price that occur since then. ***Correction***: Sleep mode is exposed to HomeKit, but you would need a third-party HomeKit app like ‘Controller for HomeKit’ or ‘Home+ 5’ in order to access these hidden features within the HomeKit framework.

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