TP-Link Unveils EU Tapo Power Strip for HomeKit

Back at the start of 2022 TP-Link announced a series of products under the Tapo brand, almost all of which would get HomeKit support. Since then, we’ve only seen the recent launch of the Tapo LED light strip in Japan, but thanks to a tip-off from Matts Staugaard via Twitter, there now seems to be a new power strip for the European market.

The Tapo Smart WiFi Power Strip – or Tapo P300 for short – comes with three sockets suitable for use with Type C, E, and F plugs commonly found in Europe, and also comes with three USB ports for powering things like your iPhone, for example. However, unlike similar products from the likes of Vocolinc and Meross, one of these USB ports is USB-C, providing 18W of power (PD), with the remaining two USB-A ports equipped with Quick Charging 3.0 (QC 3.0) capabilities.

Each socket has its own individual white LED to indicate its power state. However, it doesn’t provide separate power buttons on a per socket basis, with the one LED illuminated power button turning all sockets on or off. You can individually control the sockets however via the Apple Home app or via Siri.

Whilst it only comes with three sockets, the company point out that there’s a little more space between each socket so that devices can plug things into them and next to each other, more comfortably. The power cable is 1.5m long, and the casing is flame-resistant, whilst the internals provides both overcurrent and overheating protection. The back also provides two recesses so that it can be hung from a wall, possibly out of reach of both pets and young children.

The TP300 is a standard 2.4GHz WiFi device, and as such is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. There’s no word on pricing or availability at present, with the website only listing the product as “shortly” – which we take to mean it’s coming soon.

Thanks to Matts Staugaard.

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