Aqara Expands Sonos Integration to Other Regions

Way back in 2020, we reported on Aqara’s collaboration with Sonos, the highly respected smart audio speaker maker, allowing integration with the Aqara devices that then allows control of various aspects of said speakers. This integration was originally only available if you were connected to Aqara’s China server within the Aqara app, but the company has now expanded this integration to all other servers/regions (the United States, Europe (including the UK), Russia, and South Korea).

When it comes to what this integration entails, users can now use their Sonos speakers in conjunction with Aqara devices in a much deeper way than with HomeKit, for example, which most Sonos products are also compatible with, via AirPlay. So you can include such things as an Aqara Camera Hub G3 utilising its facial recognition feature to identify a member of the household and play a particular playlist, or even pause music when the last person has left the house, as well as control Sonos speakers with many of Aqara’s wireless controllers, like the recently released Aqara Cube T1 Pro.

The Sonos devices that are able to be integrated with Aqara Home (Aqara’s own smart home app) are as follows;

  • Sonos One
  • Sonos Move
  • Sonos Five
  • Sonos Roam SL
  • Sonos Arc
  • Sonos Beam gen 2
  • Sonos Home Theater;
    • Arc + Sub 3
    • Arc + Sub 3 + Sonos One (x2)
    • Arc + Sub 3 + Sonos Five (x2)

Of course, even with the Aqara integration, you can still use your Sonos products with HomeKit at the same time, and with virtually all Aqara products, also being HomeKit compatible, the possible list of things you could achieve should be quite extensive.

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  • Hi, note that ikea symfonisk products are compatible too

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