Aqara M2 Hub Added to EU server – Release Imminent?

While it’s been well over a year now since the Aqara M2 Hub was announced, the scarcity of the long-sought out device even in China has many people still wondering if it will be available elsewhere. Now it seems that the hub will be making its way to Europe sooner than thought, with three rather large indicators that it’ll be EU users soon.

The first of the three indicators is via the company’s own site. Previously, the only information regarding the elusive M2 was via their Chinese website, but the company’s own international page now lists the M2, including all the relevant information, all in English, along with an extensive FAQs section. The page has a ‘Where to Buy’ section, although you won’t find it’s on any of the usual sites at this time. Still, this is as strong an indicator as we’ve seen so far.

the next nod towards the EU release comes via a two separate websites; The M2 is now listed on the Gröna Hus online store in Sweden, and seems to be available for preorder, so as with a few other recent Xiaomi or Aqara releases, Sweden will be first. Addtionally, a Slovakian website that has previously been a good source of early Aqara product introduction to the West – also have the M2 listed, although they don’t have the M2 in stock, but it is listed with the header “ZIGBEE GATEWAY – AQARA HUB M2 EU VERSION (ZHWG12LM)”. Previously, the same online store was one of the first to sell the EU Aqara smart plug, as well as the new Aqara T1 relays, so if this is anything to go by, they’ll have the M2 as soon as it’s available no doubt.

The third and final marker is via the Aqara Home app itself, which now lists the M2 alongside the current Aqara hub, and the Aqara G2H Camera, which also contains a hub. Prior to this, only the latter two devices were listed, so the only reason for the product to be there would be for its hopefully imminent arrival in the EU. What does this mean to other consumers, not in China, but also not in Europe? Well, a lot in some ways. Many people probably aren’t aware, but whilst the current hub comes with a built-in plug, of which there are four variants – China (Type I), North America (Type B), Europe (Type C), and Hong Kong (Type G) – in terms of what servers they can work with, there are actually only two – the Chinese model, and the International model. This is also the case with the G2H, and – we’re led to believe – will also be the same with the M2. This would be great news for consumers in the UK, who have been waiting patiently for the Aqara hub to come to their shores, but so far to no avail. With the pending EU release of the M2, UK users wouldn’t have to be concerned with a hub using EU pins, as it uses a USB power supply, which negates any need for an adaptor. Could this be why Aqara has so far held off from bringing their wealth of products to the UK? Who knows, but I think it’s fairly ok to be cautiously optimistic about Aqara’s next big thing bursting out of Mainland China, and into the hands of many willing consumers.

If you want to know more about Aqara’s hubs, you can check out our overview video above, or you can read our more in-depth article below.

Aqara Zigbee Hubs and Their Differences

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21 thoughts on “Aqara M2 Hub Added to EU server – Release Imminent?

  • Strange, I had read in the EU instruction manual and EU compliance document that the model would be HM2-G01.

    • The online shops sometimes get their information from the wrong sources, or direct from the Chinese listings, so this may explain any discrepancy with model numbers.

      • I received the M2 hub today. The model number on the package and the hub itself in fact is HM2-G01.

        I was expecting it to be ZHWG12LM. Is there any chance this is an EU hub?

  • I’m a bit confused about the move to the Zigbee 3.0 protocol on the newer hubs.

    Isn’t the point of going with 3.0, that it’s a more universal standard that allows devices from different manufactures to work together? But it doesn’t look like Aqara is intend to allow users to just add an random Zigbee 3.0 device or light to the hub. Which is a real shame btw.

  • The M2 Hub is available since August 2020, in China at least. It is Homekit compatible straight out the box. I understood that with every new hub all child devices must be Homekit certified again. Is Aqara keeping a list somewhere where we can keep track of (new) devices being exposed to Homekit with the M2? Otherwise many buyers of the M2 will be disappointed when purchasing for Homekit compatibility.

    • Hi, that’s correct, child devices need recertification for each new hub they go through. I can ask my contacts at Aqara regarding which devices are HomeKit compatible for each hub, but of course the list would be out of date fairly quickly. I’ll see what I can find.

      • Thanks, that would be great! I purchased the M2 hub for Homekit compatibility. Now I only need to know which devices are Homekit exposed. But I can not find this information anywhere.

        • It seems to be the case that the sensors and buttons are always the first to get exposed, possibly because their functions are quite straightforward but also essential basics. If there’s a specific device or devices you want to know about in terms of HomeKit compatibility, let me know.

          • I was actually curious about the curtain controllers. The first curtain controller ZNCLDJ11LM and the B1 ZNCLDJ12LM are both homekit exposed if I’m correct. But I have not heard anything yet for the M2 Hub.

          • Yes, both of these have been exposed to HomeKit for a while now. I suspect they won’t be exposed via the M2 at present, but I’ll ask to make sure.

          • Hi, just an update. I have now set up the M2 Hub on the EU server in the Aqara app. I successfully added the B1 Curtain controller to the EU server and I can confirm it is exposed to homekit too. Everything is working great.

            Though you can not select the B1 from ‘add accessoires’ while being on the EU servers, I managed to add the B1 manually by pressing the button on the M2 hub 3x times and holding down the button on the B1. It was then added to the Aqara app on EU servers and exposed to Homekit.

          • Thanks for the info. Is the M2 hub you have the EU or Chinese version?

          • Hi, I have the M2 Hub EU version I assume. I ordered it from Slovakia. The model number on the hub and box is: HM2-G01.

  • Aqara Hub M2 is available for sale from today in a Slovak online store for the price of 59.99 euros (including VAT)

  • Hi, i have preorder the M2 and wanna know which other devices will be supported with this hub. Only find sensors, switches and plug with zigbee, but the hub has BLE too. Can work with devices from others brands (any outdoor camera for example)?
    Wishing to catch the aqara isp panel one day jejeje

    • Currently there are no Bluetooth devices designed to work with the M2, although I’m sure devices will come later. The hub is mostly designed to work with Zigbee devices, so something like cameras, which use wifi, aren’t designed to work with Zigbee, as video needs more bandwidth. The hub can work with other cameras in automations within HomeKit though. I’ll be reviewing the mew Aqara panel in the new year, hopefully.

      • With the older version of the hub i’ve discovered that it supports the xiaomi door sensor althogh they don’t appears “per se” in the aqara app, this will support other brands devices? What kind of devices will work with its BLE? I’m not able to find any Aqara BLE devices.

        • The basic mi/Mijia/Xiaomi branded sensors and buttons that use Zigbee will work with the Aqara gateways, as they’re made by the same parent company – Lumi United. At present there are no Bluetooth devices compatible with the M2, so I’m not sure what they have planned.

          • Thanks for your time and your answers, I’ll be ready for any update by Aqara.

  • how this aqara m2 hub to connect with alexa ?? normaly alexa only works with us server but the m2 is not listed in the device list from aqara app with us server ….

  • anybody had this aqara m2 hub connected with alexa ?? normaly alexa only works with us server but the m2 is not listed in the device list from aqara app with us server ….

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