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Aqara Smart Ceiling Light L1-350

The Aqara Ceiling Light L1-350 uses Zigbee, and therefore needs an Aqara hub, which also exposes it to HomeKit. Not only that, but Aqara has ensured that whilst this ceiling lamp only does warm to cool whites, it’s also compatible with Apple’s Adaptive Lighting feature, which isn’t something you see on all bulbs, let alone ceiling lights. It’s also listed as only working with 220v, but in actual fact, it works fine with 110-120v as well, just like their Aqara bulb T1.

The only potential issue is that this is currently designed to work with the China server, although I’ve not personally tested it to see if it’ll work on International servers. If you already use the China server, there are no issues, and it’s one of the best ‘bang-for-buck’ lighting products out there.

You can find the L1-350 in all the usual stores on AliExpress etc, so go for it.

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