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Smartwings Roller Blinds With Matter over Thread (video)

we’re well and truly at the start of Matter becoming more commonplace now, and whilst today’s product review – Smartwings smart roller blinds – is in beta, this features what you could consider the best of both worlds – Matter for local control over all four (and more) ecosystems, along with Thread connectivity to both take the strain off your wifi network, whilst also providing fast and efficient communication without a hub.

These are the first (as far as we’re aware) custom roller blinds with Matter over Thread, and they work as well as expected, although due to not all ecosystems being exactly up to speed when it comes to Matter, Amazon, in this case, is lagging, as it has yet to provide support for window covering. That doesn’t really ‘Matter’ as we’re all about HomeKit here, so enjoy!

You can download the HomePass app HERE

You can purchase the Smartwings custom blinds directly from the company’s website; This link is NOT an affiliate link, so we make no commission on any potential sales.

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