Nanoleaf Announce 4D TV Lighting Kit, All-Black Hexagon Shapes

Canada-based smart lighting company Nanoleaf hosted their annual Nanoleaf Live 2023 event today, unveiling a few new products and integrations, some of which were previously revealed at CES2023. The company introduced two new smart lighting offerings available for pre-order, integration with the Overwolf gaming platform, and offered a sneak peek into the upcoming Skylight modular ceiling fixture.

Nanoleaf 4D introduces the Screen Mirror & Lightstrip Kit, revolutionising how you engage with your favourite movies, TV shows, and video games. The Nanoleaf 4D Screen Mirror & Lightstrip Kit includes a Camera that captures real-time colours from your screen, synchronising them with the addressable gradient LED light strip installed behind it. The result is an immersive 4D effect that expands your content beyond the confines of your screen, enveloping your space with vibrant hues and dynamic gradients.

With four Mirror Modes to choose from, you can personalise your level of immersion, whether you prefer a subtle ambient glow for more relaxed visuals (1D) or a direct replication of your screen that plunges you into the heart of the action (4D). Users can even combine the Screen Mirror Modes with Rhythm Music Sync to simultaneously mirror the screen’s colours while reacting to soundtracks or in-game sound effects.

Leveraging Nanoleaf’s exclusive Sync+ Technology, you can extend screen mirroring to all Nanoleaf RGB lighting devices* in the room, creating an all-encompassing visual experience like never before. Connect over 50 Nanoleaf RGB devices at once, enabling you to transcend the confines of your screen and extend the entertainment onto your light panels, light bars, and more.

Nanoleaf 4D is engineered with Smart Remap Technology, allowing it to be cut to fit any size TV up to 85”. The 4D Camera offers versatile positioning options, enabling placement either on top or at the bottom of your screen. Nanoleaf never saves, stores, or records anything from the camera—it is solely used to capture the screen’s colours. Additionally, a magnetic privacy cover is included for added peace of mind.

Joining the highly popular Ultra Black Shapes line, the Ultra Black Shapes Hexagons boast a sleek 360º black finish complemented by all-black accessories, resulting in an ultramodern aesthetic coupled with vibrant RGB colour displays. Connect the Ultra Black Hexagons and Triangles together to push the boundaries of your creativity, accentuated by the high-contrast appeal of the all-black finish.

The Ultra Black Shapes Hexagons seamlessly integrate with Nanoleaf 4D through Sync+, extending screen mirroring throughout your space.

*Nanoleaf RGB devices include Shapes, Lines, Canvas, Light Panels, and Essentials.

Take command of Nanoleaf 4D and Ultra Black Hexagons using the Nanoleaf App, the convenient manual Controller, or voice commands through your smart assistant. Both 4D and Ultra Black Hexagons are compatible with all major smart home platforms, including Apple Home of course, as well as IFTTT and Razer Chroma. Furthermore, an OTA update is scheduled for later this year to make both products Matter-compatible.

The Nanoleaf 4D Screen Mirror & Lightstrip Kit is available for pre-order today at and The Kit is offered in two Lightstrip lengths: 65” retailing for US$99.99 and 85” retailing for US$119.99. Shipping will commence in mid-July. Customers who pre-order before June 28th, 2023, 11:59 PM ET, will receive a bonus $20 Nanoleaf gift card. Additionally, 4D Bundles (included with Shapes and Lines) are currently discounted up to 25% off until July 8th, 2023.

Nanoleaf Ultra Black Hexagons are available for pre-order at The 9PK Smarter Kit is priced at US$219.99, while the 3PK Expansion Packs are available for US$69.99. Shipping is scheduled to begin in late July.

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