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Onvis 5-Key Switch and Contact Sensor with Thread (video)

Onvis, known for its very decent motion sensor, contact sensor with built-in alarm, and game-changing Chameleon LED strip has now started the move to Thread, with the introduction of two new Thread-enabled devices – an updated contact sensor (CT3), and a brand new 5-Key Switch (HS2). With these, and more to come from Onvis, we’ll start seeing really decently priced HomeKit devices using Thread. Check out the video to see if they’re any good…

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3 thoughts on “Onvis 5-Key Switch and Contact Sensor with Thread (video)

  • Se sabe si su sensor de contacto CT3 Threads, será compatible con Matter?

  • Se sabe si el sensor de contacto CT3 basado en Threads será compatible con Matter? No encuentro información

    • Onvis no ha indicado si sus productos Thread se actualizarán para trabajar con Matter. Tendremos que esperar.

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