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The Thinka Z-Wave Hub for HomeKit

The New Z-Wave hub from Thinka offers something not seen in HomeKit before, presenting an officially supported way to get ALL* Z-Wave devices exposed to HomeKit. No other hub so far has this capability at the time of writing but in essence, the company state that over 3,000 Z-Wave devices can be exposed to HomeKit through their hub – at a price!

The hub isn’t cheap, at 429 Euros (incl. VAT), and is currently only available in Europe, although we’ve heard it’ll come to the US in early 2022. If you can handle the price and have tons of Z-Wave devices you want to be exposed to HomeKit without the need for HomeBridge or HomeAssistant, this is the device for you.

We also look at some child devices connected to the hub to see how they perform.

Head over to the company’s website for more details on this hub at https://www.thinka.eu

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2 thoughts on “The Thinka Z-Wave Hub for HomeKit

  • Is this letting me get rid of the Philips Hue Bridge and all the other bridges inside my Homekit setup, but functionality-wise it still just works?

    • Hi, this gateway only works with Z-Wave devices. The Hue Bridge and Hue products use Zigbee, so they are not compatible with this hub, and can’t therefore be used as a replacement for the Hue Bridge.

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