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Eve Room v2 Air Quality Sensor with Apple Homekit

Eve Systems recently went all in on the Apple Homekit ecosystem and the Eve Room Second Generation is another beautiful crafted device that re-affirms their commitment to the Apple Smart Home vision. Eve has delivered not only on the functionality we expect, but they’ve also gone a stop beyond and made sure that this is a beautiful device that you’re happy to take a glance at to see how the air is doing. Two notable upgrades from the first generation Eve Room include the rechargable battery as well as the E-Ink display that gives you insight into the air quality in your room is doing without having to reach for your phone.

One thought on “Eve Room v2 Air Quality Sensor with Apple Homekit

  • The two Eve temp devices I have are only working because I had to replace the battery in one as it was practically dead out of the box. The other will need a new battery in a few months as it is at 40%. Not sure I want to spend more $$ for another.

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