Preorders Start For Nanoleaf Matter String Lights

It seems we’re always closer to Christmas festivities than we think, with stores both physical and online pushing all manner of themed products way ahead of time. So it now seems Nanoleaf are getting involved too, with preorders for their Smart Holiday String Lights now available via their online shop.

The new string lights are – as you would expect from Nanoleaf – Matter compatible, although perhaps surprisingly they don’t make use of Thread on this occasion, so these are Matter over WiFi lights. They’re still compatible with the four main platforms of course, and as they use WiFi, a Thread Border Router isn’t required. The specs also state these can be controlled via Bluetooth or standard WiFi if you prefer to use legacy connections to your smart home platform via the Nanoleaf app.

Whilst you may well end up using them indoors, they are in fact able to be used outdoors too, with an IP44 rating. Along with the now standard 16 million colours, you also get cool to warm whites, although as they use Matter for connectivity, you won’t be getting Adaptive Lighting functionality, which in all honesty isn’t something you’d really require of this kind of lighting.

The lights come in two set lengths of 10 metres each for a total of 20 metres/65 feet, with a grand total of 250 individual LEDs, which should be enough for modest use cases. The whole package is also UL-certified.

You can pre-order the new Holiday String Lights directly from Nanoleaf’s own store for US$119.99.

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