Aqara M2 Hub Officially Launches In Europe

Aqara has today announced the launch of its much anticipated M2 Hub in Europe. The M2 Hub is now available in Czechia, Slovakia and Sweden, and it will be followed shortly by Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia and Spain in early 2021.

Aqara Hub M2
The Hub M2 is Aqara’s most advanced and future-proof smart home hub so far, and it serves as a smart home control centre for a wide range of Aqara sensors, controllers and other child devices. Compared with the previous version, the M2 supports the Zigbee 3.0 protocol, which is the faster, more stable and energy-efficient technology, and the hub can connect up to 128 devices*. It also has a LAN port for wired Internet connection via Ethernet RJ45, which provides extra stability and shorter response time.

Moreover, with an IR transmitter built-in, the M2 highlights the infrared control function allowing users to control existing IR home appliances, such as turning on TVs and air conditioners, from any part of the room by voice command and local automations. Users have more flexibility when installing the hub thanks to its Micro-USB power port, and it no longer takes up the socket space. The Micro-USB port also allows optional battery backup with a power bank.

Other features of the Aqara Hub M2 include:

  • All-Round Compatibility: Supports major voice assistants including Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Yandex Alisa, Marusya and more;
  • Built-in Speaker: Can be used as a security alert, doorbell, alarm clock and configurable ringtones;
  • HomeKit Alarm Mode Support: All 4 native alarm modes are supported;
  • Sleek Design: Top-class components are packed into a versatile and compact black housing that will complement any decor.

* To connect up to 128 devices, repeater devices such as Smart Plug or Wall Switch (with Neutral) are required.

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21 thoughts on “Aqara M2 Hub Officially Launches In Europe

  • To me, one of the main benefits of having Zigbee 3.0 on board would be the better interoperability of devices from different brands.

    Does the Zigbee 3.0 certification for the hub mean that we can finally add 3.0-compatible lights and devices, say from Innr oder Philips Hue?

    • You could possibly add Aqara devices to other hubs, like the Hue bridge, but I don’t think it’s possible to add 3rd party devices to the Aqara hub, although I haven’t tried myself.

    • When will it be available in the UK?

      I take it one from any of the European countries listed will work in the UK?

      • The M2 uses a micro USB to USB power cable, so you’d only have to find a UK USB power plug. The EU M2 will work on all servers except for China and possibly South Korea, so it’ll work fine in the UK, even though there’s no UK server.

  • Is there a place where it can be bought that will ship international?

  • Has anyone got their hands on one yet to compare the siren noise level to that of the original aqara hub??

    • It’s not as loud as the standard hub, but it’s still enough to wake you up.

  • The aqara hub M2 EU version available for purchase has appeared, but by reviewing the accessories available for the European market, I saw that there are no wall switches for the European market.
    As I live in a house where I have installed about 70 different aqara devices but with a server on china it is not clear to me how I can add wall switches to the hub M2 which is for the European market. I live in Serbia and I use a Chinese server and it works well.
    What is the main difference between using a Chinese server compared to a European server. What do I get with that. Many accessories are not compatible with the European hub M2.
    Looks like I will continue to use and wait to buy an M2 for the Chinese region

    • Aqara are bringing out double and single rocker switches for the EU, both with and without a neutral wire, but I’m not sure when they’re due out, but soon hopefully. I don’t live in Europe but I tend to hear slow server responses are the main problem with using the China server, but that shouldn’t matter if you’re using HomeKit.

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  • Pingback: El Aqara Hub M2 permitirá conectar hasta 128 dispositivos, será compatible con Zigbee 3.0 y llegará a principios de 2021

  • Can I connect the hub Aqara m2 Eu version to a Chinese server

    • You might be able to, but you’ll probably encounter an issue with the hub being recognised as Chinese, making it unable to be added. It’s different for child devices, as you can always add them manually. It’s not the same with hubs.

  • Hello everyone 🙂
    Here is my situation, plenty of chinese devices (xiaomi, aqara…) + 1 roborock S50 (EU version).
    My Xiaomi gateway works fine but I hate wifi… so Aqara m2 hub will be perfect !!!
    Question, wich version I should buy (chinese or EU) ?

    • Are you using the Mi Home app? And if so, which server are you using?

      • Yes mi home app, china server except for Roborock S50 (but it works with google home)

        • Hi Gary, at present the Aqara M2 only works with the Aqara app, not the Mi Home app. If you’re willing to port over some of your sensors and switches (the ones that aren’t region-locked), then it would probably be ok to go with the EU version, which is going to be a lot easier to find than the Chinese version anyway. If you know someone in China that can get the M2 for you, then you can still use the Chinese server in the Aqara app, but I’m guessing you’re using the Mi Home app so that your HomeKit compatible Aqara/Mijia devices work with the non-HomeKit devices in the Mi Home app, is that a correct assumption? Either way, you can only use the M2 in the Aqara app, unless things change, and they add it to the Mi Home app.

          • Hi !
            Your assumption are correct.
            I think I will give a try with EU version and aqara app and see then if I can do everything I need.
            Thanks for all !

  • Hi! Aqara M2 is compatible with earlier xiaomi sensors? (XIAOMI Mijia Bluetooth Thermometer 2, human body sensor…)

    • Hi. At present the Aqara M2 is only compatible with the Zigbee versions of the Mijia sensors, not the Bluetooth ones.

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